New to Onto - Any tips/advice?

Good Afternoon All,

I’ve got a delivery of an Ioniq 38kWh arriving tomorrow with Onto. This will be my first time driving an EV for more than 5-10 mins down the road at a dealership, and i’m looking to see how well I can acclimate to an EV before getting rid of my ICE car.

Any helpful tips for delivery, ongoing use and specific to the Ioniq for a first time EV driver? :slight_smile: I live in the South Yorkshire area so may see a few of you around in the near future!



I was in your position (well, I hadn’t even sat in an EV) up to eight weeks ago.

You should find loads of help around these parts.

And I’ve had an Ioniq for the two months so far - I am loving it (but elsewhere you might see I’m trying something else out)…

Loads to say - but have you got any specific Qs?

There’s lots in the community about delivery

Take pictures so you know condition inside and out

Check what’s being handed over to you - someone has a checklist and will be along soon!


Thanks! Not anything specific really as I’ve done a lot of research, looking at videos and reading the forum.

More if you or anybody else knows of any quirks I may encounter with the car or chargers etc which aren’t really talked about so it’s not as much of a surprise. That and any “EV etiquette” I should be aware of :grin:

I found the best thing was to keep going out to different chargers - to find out how they worked (I don’t have any home-charging possibility so rely on Rapids) - and I expect you have Zap-Map and/or Watts Up loaded?

Always have a back up plan for charging!

It’s simple but relieves any stress, because “range-anxiety” seems like an issue, and then one day you get down under 20%, then you get down under 15% and then you get down under 10% and then you just shrug and it all feels normal!

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Charger Etiquette

I don’t really know…:man_shrugging:t2:…but have found it best to just go up and speak to people.

I don’t really like the look of the Polestar, but last week I just started off with “that’s looking nice in the metal!” and got into an interesting conversation (where I learnt they are nowhere near as efficient as the Ioniq!

If I see someone who looks like they’ll be wanting a charge, I’ve tended to give them a nod and mouth “ten minutes” or something. Only time that wasn’t appreciated was a Taycan driver at the very busy Ionity chargers on the M40 the other day…:man_shrugging:t2:

The vast, vast, vast majority of EV drivers seem really nice people - but I have kept myself to myself if it appears a lone woman… not to be cold, just respectful

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Ioniq "Quirks"

Always puts the Lane Keep Assist on when you restart and you cannot stop it from doing so. Not a problem, you’ll have muscle memory inside a week if that annoys you.

Also have to re-adjust the regen - but that’s a doddle with the paddles - and you’ll soon have it right (just warn any passenger if you are a bit “jumpy” with it on Regen 3 the first few times) - I have two-stage on most of the time.

I rarely deviate from “Normal” driving mode - “Sport” for occasional fun, but it’s not needed.

You can get the front wheels to scrabble for traction on a poor/damp surface - just start with ultra careful vehicle sympathy until you get the feel of it

Make sure you have a damp cloth to constantly wipe the rear camera - it’s a brilliant feature, until a mucky wet road :rofl:

It chimes a lot at you - I think you just have to get “Zen” about it, it’s not malicious! 🧘🏻‍♂️

Oh, and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) - you’ll set it at, say, 72 and the car will just do its own thing sometimes creeping up to 73 or 74 - at first you think…wha…?.. but I think that’s just par for the Ioniq course…

That’s just off the top of my head - it’s a surprisingly fun, nippy, and for a car that is certainly not a “Driver’s Car” it’s still capable of putting a smile on your face - incredibly efficient, and the GOM mostly seems to be truthful (unlike other EVs I hear about)

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Thanks for the advice on both points. I’ve got ZapMap filtered for all the onto chargers I know from Shell, BP and instavolt, along with relevant apps for each. The car actually got delivered yesterday (post took 2 days to approve lol) and I’ve done a 75 miles trip in it and tried a charger at instavolt. Super simple to use!

Guess I’ll just see over time as you said what does and doesn’t work, what’s busy and find quirks of the car and chargers.

Only issue I’ve had so far is the onto app won’t connect to the car at all. Last connected showing 30th November last year, won’t lock or unlock, doesn’t show battery or mileage and features menu doesn’t work. Got a case open with technical team though so fingers crossed, as it seems lots of people have app issues!

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Own experiences:
Decent car with some problems.
The energy saving tires are terrible regarding grip, especially wet, and icy roads can lead to near death experiences quickly. Bricked 12V battery (and car) is apparently a common issue, but I don’t know the probability. Charging speed is really slow, regardless of rapid charger rarely seen 43+, mostly around 38. Onto app not working at all since delivery, remote diagnostics only reveals there is a fault. You can connect Bluelink and it will tend to work, some entertaining features you can’t get rid of, like the constant changes displaying in kmh or mph randomly. Range will feel minuscule, although the drivetrain is efficient. Overall driving experience is good, Lane Keep will regularly fight with you who drives the car and where.
Would be a much better experience if they would have fleeted the Premium SE and not the Premium only.
Had a hybrid for two years earlier, so plenty of experiences and can compare. Still considering as a very good price/performance deal.


Also in an issue in every car built to date, 12V batteries die, for no reason, and doesn’t seem to be just the Ioniq, that suffers, just seems to be a little bit more than most.

Will never go much higher as the car physically cant go much higher, thats a limitation of the car.

Mine works all the time

Fixed in the latest updates, as mine has been saying miles for the past week or so, and hasn’t slipped back.

Can and does get turned off every single journey, and something I hate in every car that has it.

For me I am very happy with the Ioniq, and i have had upto 190miles range in the summer, and even today at -1 the car was getting on a 40 mile round trip 4.5miles/kWh (was at 5.3miles/kWh, but then hit the motorway due to traffic on my normal route).


Just something I discovered which might help you, I’m fairly sure that you can turn this off by default in the Dashboard’s settings menu. You can toggle LKA on, change it to an audio alert only or turn off completely. Should be under Driver Assistance.

You can set the default regen for each mode in the settings, so it always starts with the desired level. I can’t remember exactly where in the menu as I don’t have the car anymore but I know, because I had all modes (sport, normal and Eco) set to level 3 regen and i never had to set it again.

Yeah it only turns off for that journey, its easier to press the button next to the steering wheel…

Regen is burrowed in the menu, will have a look where exactly and take a photo :slight_smile:

The lane keeping assist is on by default on many cars, as NCAP rating states it should revert to on at the start of every journey.

Annoying to have to change it every time if you don’t like it, but it’s there for the safety rating (and may become mandatory on new cars soon).


It was on in most the of the hire cars I have had, and it was the first thing I found out how to turn off, as on country roads its useless and dangerous in some respects.

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Agreed, technology for technology’s sake in my view. I drive the car, not the car drives me, until we all have to use autonomous cars.
NCAP rating doesn’t apply unless we had perfect multi-lane roads with clear white line markings throughout the whole of the UK road network. NCAP… dream on.

Stuff like this I always turn off.

While other people have said it will always turn back on itself, I am pretty sure if you set it to alert only it will retain that setting. That was the case in my Kona at least. It will prevent any sort of automatic steering correction and just beep at you. And as long as the car you’re using isn’t German and is equipped with indicators, that beeping is quite rare in my experience.


Sadly the LKA is useless unless on the top trim model where it actually keeps the car nicely in lane. On Premium trim level it’s not very useful in my opinion

For the record, LKA is exactly this on basically all cars. It’s just that Hyundai’s old naming of ‘Active LKA’ has caused you confusion, where everyone else (including Hyundai now) are calling it Lane Follow Assist (LFA) for the convenience feature that provides steering assistance to keep you centered in the lane on the highway.

LKA is just a fairly basic safety feature to stop you crossing the white line without indicating. This is generally the only lane assist tool you will find on the majority of Onto’s cars and most people will either disable it, or at least disable the steering intervention part of it.

LFA is not a very common feature even today. In terms of Onto vehicles that’s only on the Kona, Citroen C4 (not anywhere near as goof as Hyundai’s implementation) and the Tesla Model 3… The ID.3 Life MIGHT have this too. I don’t remember if the Life had it or if it was only on the higher spec tour/max trims.

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LKA is standard on the I-Pace and a variant (warning) is on the e-tron 55. It would be good to see a common standard tech and naming adopted across all brands.

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Had a couple of days’ confusion at the beginning of this week as the LKA seems quite different between the Ioniq and the Kona… the latter seems far less “aggressive” and I can certainly stand it on all the time when compared to behaviour in the Ioniq.

The LFA (I haven’t used too much yet) seems like something much more useful as an aid in certain circumstances.

But I think - until you have actually experienced either of these - it’s impossible to form a judgement as to their use.

I think I have been mostly surprised that two cars with the same badge can be the same… yet so different! :crazy_face:

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