New team members and change of community lead

Good evening mighty Onto Community!

Just wanted to give you all a few updates regarding the Onto faces (digital) you see here on the community forum.

I’m really pleased to announce we have a few people joining my team under the Customer Experience (CE) umbrella.

Firstly, please give a warm community welcome to our new Head of Customer Experience Support, Mark Fenner (he will have his forum ID soon so you can tag him :slight_smile: ), who joined us June 20th. He will be leading our focus around Voice of the customer, CS technology, Training and Knowledge management. Mark has extensive contact centre experience and he will introduce himself further after his onboarding.

@George_at_Onto (also known as guru George) has also moved over from the CS to the CE team, he will be stepping in as the Customer Experience Support Manager. I’m sure you’ve all seen him popping up more frequently in recent weeks and more so in the future. He will be supporting Mark in all the CE initiatives but is particularly focused on implementation our new CS technology right now (coming soon!).

In addition @Hena_at_Onto is now going to be on hand to help out with any general queries or issues from the Customer Service side of them Team. Hena is taking over from Raheel_at_Onto, who sadly, has left Onto. We wish him all the best for his future endeavours. If you were already in communication with Raheel regarding your account, please contact @Hena_at_Onto for further support.

You will continue to see various other members of the Onto team popping up from time to time, such as @Lily_at_Onto and @Ayman_at_Onto, though we do suggest as best practice to tag, or contact directly, the staff mentioned above with any CS related queries or issues.

Have a great end to your week everyone!


:clap: Congratulations to all. Obviously be sorry to see Raheel go, but wishing him all the best too.

But for all the others and “New Boy” - we’ll try and be gentle…. For the first hour, at least!


@K12Beano that long :slight_smile: ?


Are we getting soft @K12Beano on people now…

I was going to give them 10seconds from saying hello :stuck_out_tongue:


thats more like it @mozzauk :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh warm welcome to all. Very sad for Raheel to leave. He has been a super star for you all. I hope you rewarded him really well before he left. Also, hope you gave our best wishes in his leaving card.


Raheel’s account has lost moderator status but is still periodically logging in and reading the community, as recently as noon today. He’s definitely seeing these posts for himself.


If Raheel is still lurking,…

I will add my thanks for all your help, and hope you enjoy your new job…


I also thank Rachel oops sorry @Raheel_at_Onto all the best for the future. Thanks for all your assistance.:older_man:


Interesting @Raheel_at_Onto has left ? He was amazing and I wonder if him leaving was him moving on naturally and on of his accord .

It looks like his account is now deleted. It’s a shame that he didn’t get to say his goodbyes.

Sounds like a normal leavers process kicking in, doesnt sound like owt nefarious…

It is a shame he didnt get to say his goodbye’s I agree, but i suppose it depends on who he has gone to work for

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