New tariff charges Scotland

Charge place Scotland advising of new tariff charges, note the Edinburgh overstay charge :dizzy_face:

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Overstay fees make sense, although I’m not sure how they enforce the “No-return within 90 minutes.” unless it’s by account / payment method.

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The East Lothian isn’t as bad as Edinburgh City. They’re £30 after 30 mins on a 50kW. Then £30 after 3 hours on 22kW. Perfect way to discourage EV ownership and usage, especially with such short times on rapids and 22kW.

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Thank god for my council Stirling £0.00
free for how long though??

3 hours on a 22kW isn’t too bad from a charging perspective if you have a Zoe - it should be possible to get a near full charge in that timeframe. But yes, it’s annoying that the technology is still so scarce that it has to be sold as a charger which has a space attached, rather than a space which has a charger attached. I just want to pay for the parking that I need and have the facility of a charger whilst I’m there. Maybe we’ll see a change now that the government is allegedly reassigning that money from the plug-in car grant to public charging infrastructure (i.e. the drinks cabinet at Downing Street).

It’s just a shame that so many cars are limited to 11kW or 7kW. I can understand that the cost of a 22kW AC charger is likely to be more than either of the above, and many people will only ever use 7kW single phase charging at home, but is the cost really that much more? If Renault can afford to leave the 22kW charger on the Zoe whilst making savings by reducing the number of airbags, then it can’t be that much more expensive :slight_smile: