NEW Renault Zoe- A month on

So the Zoe has been in our lives for a month now and I wanted to find out people thoughts, If there were no charges in swapping the car would you:

  • Keep for long term
  • Change when something shiny and new comes along
  • Change it now

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For me it would be change it now, The car is Littered with issues. my latest one is putting it through a car wash whilst the water comes in through doors!

If I wanted to keep the Zoe long-term, I wouldn’t be with ONTO. It would likely be cheaper to lease.

I’m relatively happy with the Zoe but will definitely be swapping as soon as something shiny and new comes along. This is the reason I chose ONTO, as up until now I’ve had a habit of taking out PCP or PCH on new cars, getting bored of the car within a year and then spending thousands to exit the contract early (done this 5 times just in the past 4 years).

ONTO will be getting plenty of swap requests from me - assuming they actually get enough new models on their fleet to keep me interested.

My only real complaint about the Zoe is the build quality. It’s atrocious, by far the worst built car I’ve ever driven. Half the panels don’t even align and it feels very cheap. The doors close with a “clank” you would expect from a toy car.

It’s my first ever Renault though - it might be normal? I don’t know. The car is so nice to drive and the range is so incredible, I’m happy to ignore the build quality issues, until something else comes along.


I’ve been with ONTO for 18 months. I’ve had two ZE40s (first one was sold) and a Model 3 Performance for a month. Currently have the ZE50.

I’m waiting for ONTO to get some e-208s which I’ve liked the look of since seeing it at Fully Charged Live in 2019. I’d also consider a MINI electric or Honda e.

I like the short term commitment and the possibility of changing cars. So far, thanks to referrals (and because of high insurance premiums in London), it’s been cheaper with ONTO than a lease or even getting a secondhand vehicle. Now I’ve left the legacy tariff and with more competition to provide codes, that won’t be the case.

So I’ll need to monitor the situation and see if ONTO continue to provide the best mobility solution for me. Otherwise it’s back to TfL and the trains and buses. I did that for five years before getting my first Zoe. I would then hire cars occasionally if I needed to go further a field, or use e-car Club for local needs.

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I’ve arranged return of mine got fed up with the app and lack of response to emails re mileage not correct , payments not right, renewal not right.
Even when speaking to them on chat it was hit and miss if anything would happen. Always told will refer it to technical and ring back, never happened until I chased etc.

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I really don’t like the Zoe, Renault have tried too hard to recreate the driving experience of an ICE automatic and what other people call quirky I call unreliable and inconsistent. The deal killer is that the Zoe won’t charge on the chargers at work despite them working for every other type of EV.

My ONTO experience has been very good and my hatred of the Zoe is proof of the value of the ONTO scheme which is allowing me to have long test drives in different EVs, that is why I joined. The app has been fairly reliable although recently seems to need the phone to be restarted to get the bluetooth to work.

I am off to test drive a Mini E this week, if ONTO had the Mini or the Honda E I would swap in an instant.


I think I am quite possibly the first person to have already returned my ZE50 to Onto. Swapped for a ZE40 2 weeks ago now and much happier with it. Shame about the lack of rapid charging but its otherwise perfect for my needs, and the ZE50’s creaking (amongst other issues) would have driven me to insanity very fast if I had kept it for much longer.


Let us know how that goes! As most of my driving is urban, I’d be quite interested in trying those two vehicles as well.

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I must admit if ONTO had a larger range of vehicles to choose from and available I’d have already requested a swap to something different, the only reason I’m keeping the ZE50 over the older Zoe is range and range alone otherwise it would already be going back. It’s like a rattly tin can, worst build quality in a car I’ve ever driven.

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I will be returning my zoe ze50 next month after a less than satisfactory experience since my move from the ze40. With my first zoe having a major charge port issue after two weeks and a faulty light etc and despite having a replacement ze50 I fear what lies in wait for me with this car and further below par customer service from Plus the fact that any scratch will trigger a huge excess payment and not driving anywhere near as far as I was 9 months ago it just doesn’t add up paying £419 per month for the trouble. I may be back in the future depending on their package and if they can offer a more flexible swap service, own insurance, more reactive customer service.


Interesting reading some of these comments. I actually like the ZE50, it’s a massive improvement over ZE40, but maybe I should compare it against other EVs out there.

Not sure about anyone else, but I feel quite nervous using the car now. I recently had a hefty bill for cosmetic repairs to correct some minor marks on the ZE40 I returned. I had it for over a year covering 10,000 miles - surely some minor marks are to be expected. For this reason, I think I’ll be returning the ZE50 before it gets any stone chips.


For you and others, here is a guide to what is considered fair wear and tear, and what is not.

My Account > Useful Documents > Fair Wear and Tear Guide

Many get an annual hire car excess policy to cover damage charges. It can be had for less than £50 and can be used to cover car rentals abroad as well, if so specified. You can claim multiple times during the year. It gives peace of mind, because as careful as you are, not everyone else is.

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Hmm… despite my hairy Friday night experience with my ZE50 throwing an electric motor failure and needing a night to “cool off” after some failed charges, I’m basically still quite impressed.

I’m starting to find things I don’t like, such as the Easy Link system (How do I turn off the voice that keeps telling me there are roadworks every five minutes, how do I get radio stations to load their logos?!), and the boot does rattle when going over bumps.

But I like the ability to drive an EV 200 miles between charges, to charge from 20% to 80% in 45 mins, and the flexibility to do this on a monthly contract which is priced very competitively when you take into account the cost of insurance.


I got my Zoe on the 12 August, and on the 22nd it had charging faults and was taken in by Renault… who still have it… :face_with_thermometer:

So I can’t really answer this yet, but I have made sure I am back on the list for a LEAF and i3. The 10 days I had the LEAF was ace, and made me love EV’s. :heart_eyes:

On.To do seem to be struggling slightly, and emails do seem to get lost… however when I use the chat or call the staff they have been great.

My biggest gripe is with Renault who had my car for over two weeks before even looking at it, and then after starting to look at it on Tuesday (apparently) atill have ot done anything. While I moved to the Renault for the range, that is only any good if you have the car and it charges…

I hope @Rob_Evezy, @Lily_at_Onto are reading all these posts and seeing whet they can get from Renault. As such a big customer they (And by extension, us) should be getting much better service from Renault. :speak_no_evil:

On the plus side… i only did about 120 miles in the car so now have 1800 miles credit :slight_smile: so when I do get it back, at least I have a good buffer for heading to see family and friends in England and doing a few staycations


@Baroque_Badger what are you driving while Zoe is at the dealers?

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ICE: Vauxhall Astra from Enterprise

Which Renault initially tried to say I could only have for 5 days… Now in day 22


@Baroque_Badger And who pays for the petrol?

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@E7EV, Thats the other annoying bit…

Maybe will give me a discount next month… (:speak_no_evil:)

Have spent about £60 so far, but will need to top up before I hand it back…


@Baroque_Badger keep your receipts and make a claim to ONTO. Normally if you were a retail customer, Renault would pay. As you’re not, and ONTO include electric in the subscription, they should reimburse you.

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@E7EV Renault have now changed their story… and said they are waiting for the keys from OnTo (first time they have mentioned this to me…) and said It is rebooked in for the 22nd…

Asked OnTo for a new car, as this is getting ridiculous.

@Lily_at_Onto, can I claim for the petrol? I do have the receipts.

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@E7EV Thanks for the info, as usual really appreciate your sound advice. :slightly_smiling_face:

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