New pivotal subscription

With the massive wait lists and no decent cars available at the moment with the new jaguar/Land rover pivotal subscription looks a great alternative as you also get a new car every six months.what are your thoughts

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But it is a lot more money a month :money_with_wings:

Depends on what car you are looking at ,all the pivotal cars are premium vehicles i love the idea but whats the point if you can’t supply your customer base they need a much bigger fleet because there are more and more subscription services coming to market


Most of the other subscription companies that offer similar vehicles to ONTO are more expensive, often requiring you to provide your own insurance, and have supply issues themselves. I’ve yet to read anything positive about any of them on any EV forums.

Pivotal is a premium service backed by a vehicle manufacturer, so not in the same market as ONTO. If you can afford their offer, then it’s a great proposition. @burnt_crisps2 will be able to tell us more as he’s just taken delivery of a lovely black cat!

I do agree that ONTO need to increase their fleet of non Renault vehicles. Unless they do this, they will lose any initial market gains that they have made. Unless of course they’ve decided to specialise uniquely in Zoes! With the name change, let’s hope not, and that they intend to add other new and exciting EVs “onto” their fleet.

Ironically, one of ONTO’s founders used to work for JRL, and proposed the subscription vehicle idea to management. They weren’t interested at the time, leading him to leave and do it himself. Maybe JLR decided not to supply ONTO with the ipace in any useful numbers because of that!

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Pivotal launched a couple of months back and I happened to see the links for the announcement.
I had a 3 month deposit with ONTO for nearly a year waiting for a Tesla M3P which never materialised, should have been before Xmas 2019 and had a Powerwall2 and Zappi charger installed in readiness for its arrival. I was late discovering Evezy/Onto and missed the early I-Pace cars they had, (back in early 2019) but it would appear they only got maybe a handful, as I would have been happy with a base model S at Evezy prices £799 back then, now more likely to be £999
‘Twas not to be and lockdown just messed things up also.
So got my deposit refunded and signed up to Pivotal.
It’s a mammoth cost to sign up for sure, half a monthly subscription cost!
As they had just launched, it took 5 weeks to get an i-Pace, but it’s a top of the range HSE with loads of options fitted and an all black cat, brand new 70 plate delivered to the door. You get a physical key, everything included except fuel, so hard to compare prices with other subscription services, but min. Of 3 months subscription required. We could hand it back after 3 months and maybe get something from another company if they have something available. But it’s such a drop dead gorgeous car and brilliant drivers car, I doubt the wife or I will want to give it up just yet. The Skoda Enyaq looks very promising, so maybe next year from some outfit like ONTO, elmodrive or evogo or others yet to kick in. JLR are one of the few legacy auto companies to offer subscription, so it will be interesting to see who else does soon. I suspect a lot more as it just doesn’t make sense anymore to buy a car outright with so much flux in the industry. Always used to buy our cars new and keep for 10 years as it was a known entity.
Who knows in a few years time Hydrogen vehicles may be the next flavour of the month/year, or could be a complementary technology alongside BEV.

On some other forums, others are now looking at Pivotal very favourably and some are thinking I will have the i-Pace for the summer and the Velar for the winter. Others just want the i-Pace. Would be great to see the XJ EV launched soon, but sounds like it’s delayed/on the back burner.

No prizes for guessing the end location of my first journey, but couldn’t resist it as the backdrop for this lovely car.


Picked up a voicemail on my return home today to discover Pivotal are doing an ’offer’ on the I-pace which means it’s now only £950 a month for up to 6 months. Bargain :+1:
Assume this applies to new subscribers also.

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Only £950 eh, a bargain :thinking:

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For a fully loaded HSE spec car at £80K, yes.
If you find something cheaper elsewhere, let me know. :wink:

@burnt_crisps2 £950 is very very tempting! I had a look on the Pivotal website and couldn’t see anything so I’ll give them a call for more info.

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I just got this bit of info also…

This deal applies to anyone who takes delivery before the end of 2020 for their first 6 months.

We also have a referral scheme in place so £250 (£125 each) for each new customer who comes on board.

Yes it is just the Jaguar I-Pace that has this promotion on it, Pivotal are being tasked with helping reaching Destination Zero.


“For a fully loaded HSE spec car at £80K, yes.
If you find something cheaper elsewhere, let me know.“

If I remember correctly, the ONTO ipaces were £599 on the legacy tariff, meaning they’d be at least £799 on the current tariff. I believe they were only the S or SE trim.

Most vehicles lose 30% of their value in the first three years, so depreciation alone on an £80k car would cost you £650 a month. Then add on insurance, maintenance and financing the capital and you’d probably not do much better than £950 a month if you bought it yourself.

And of course with Pivotal you get a new vehicle every 6 months! Take heed ONTO :wink:

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I think they were actually £799 on the legacy tariff and it was the base spec S version. Seem to remember there was a screen capture posted on a forum showing they did actually exist :wink:

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