New phone issue

Hi there,

I’m planning on get an EV this week. Only thing is I registered and setup the app on my old phone. And after installing on my new device I receive an authentication error.

Is this due to the new device not being the same phone I originally used?

Thanks in advance!

Don’t worry about it. These things happen sometimes while your account isn’t fully set up. 30 minutes before your booking is due to start the app should come to life and work on your new phone.

What is your new device? I’ll double check it against the compatibility list, but at this point there’s no real need to worry as I’ve seen plenty of others with the same error where its ultimately worked fine on delivery day.

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Hey, thanks for responding.
I have the Samsung s20 plus. Yeah I did notice a few posts with the same issue thankfully. Was I bit freaked out due to the whole digital key thing lol

Depending on which car you’re getting, you may also get a real key :scream:

At least the e208s are going out with physical keys at the moment. Not sure about other makes and models.

Nope, my 208 came yesterday with no key!!

Aaahhhh , had no idea lol that would be mighty ideal. Hired a 3008 for a few weeks so interested to see what the 208e is like. Alos first ev so going to be odd not hearing normal engine sounds :neutral_face:

Damn :expressionless: Everything all good so far? :thinking:

Don’t worry about not having a key. There are a few horror stories but mostly with the Chinese phones. I haven’t heard of anyone saying they had a problem using the app with a Samsung flagship device before.

It’s never going to be quite as simple, fast or easy as having the physical key, but with a compatible phone it does work reliably.

That’s good to hear. And unless I decide to rob a bank , any delay unlocking the vehicle vs a key, should be fine lol

The range is absolutely shocking!! I know it’s cold but I didn’t realise quite how bad. Lol.

The car itself is lovely to drive. Looks incredible too. I haven’t managed to get the Peugeot app to work but working on it. Also, I can’t get Android Auto to work.

Not having the physical key is definitely going to take some getting used to. Especially when th Bluetooth can take a minute to connect! But I think it’s safer in terms of car theft.

What is the range like on them? :thinking::thinking:

At temperatures just above zero, preconditioning the vehicle using the battery before setting off, using the heater and travelling at 70mph, you’ll be lucky to get much above 100 miles.

In summer with temperatures in the twenties, and in city driving you could probably get 180 miles.

In other conditions, anything in between.


How does that compare with the Zoe in those circumstances? @E7EV
Would it be more like 150 in the Zoe? For just above zero etc.

Out of curiosity, did you get the locking wheel nut key?

@Lew1994 I’d say with the Zoe ZE50 the range of the range would be 140 to 220 miles. It has a bigger battery and is more efficient so think you’ll always get a good 40 miles more than the e-208.

The best range I ever got out of a Zoe ZE40 was 261 miles. City driving in summer. I had to be exceptionally careful to get that though. Didn’t find the ZE50 to be as efficient as the ZE40.


I’ve had 2,ze50 and a, e208 I changed, back to zoe the 208 is, a, much better car drive and comfort wise the range is, very poor though I get 150 from zoe now with 208 I was really struggling to get 100 and around 80 miles, if I used heating otherwise it have kept it ! I have a white zoe first, then a, white 208 and now a, flame, red zoe all lovely cars in there own ways lol


Does preconditioning through the Renault app work on your latest Zoe?

Yes everything all OK but then it was fine on my first one they are similar reg dates both new this, red one has stood for a few months. The Peugeot app never worked properly with the 208 though at any point

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The new 208s don’t come with locking wheel nuts