New peugoet 2008

So I had to send my 21 2008 back on the R&R progamme. Recieved a brand new one with better range which is good. Be interesting to see if it still suffers the range drop in cold weather. Which this version supposedly isn’t as bad. Also the wireless charger is no longer fitted. Which is strange.

Definitely let us know about the range in winter. There are lots of us eager to hear how the latest revision performs in cold weather after how poorly the originals did for reasons that I still don’t quite understand.

Yes, Peugeot revised the trim levels during the chip shortages. The qi charging pad was among a few features that were removed and are now only available as standard features with the GT Premium trim level.


I got a brand new on on Thursday and the wireless charging is in mine


Check the changes in the new GT 2008 in this video for @Leecush the wireless charger is at 6.45 mins in video

You got very lucky then. If you look at the latest spec sheet there’s a disclaimer written on the bottom:

Due to the ongoing worldwide shortage of components affecting all industries, specification on vehicles may vary. This could include but not limited to items such as Parking Sensors, Wireless
Charging Plate, and 3D Quartz Cluster. Please contact your Retailer for the latest information.

And from all the orders I have seen recently, the GT has been missing the charger altogether, with only GT Premium trims receiving it.

Yes very lucky I didn’t get the charger.

I also got a swap from old to new e2008, no wireless charger
But it’s no great loss as it rarely added anything to the phone - so slow as to be useless.

On the new one the big gear stick has been replaced by a gear selector switch, but otherwise identical.

I have noticed some minor improvements in the on screen display -
e.g. efficiency display in mi/kWh now stays on (pressing right stalk)
and it remembers what mode the screen it was in last time you used the car : radio or sat nav.
Sat nav is also a lot better.


Are the new Pugs switches now like other Stellantis Rashes??

Push FORWARD to go in to Reverse and pull BACKWARDS to go Forwards…? :crazy_face:


Yes same as that one

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I think these style are perfect or the twisty ones. The old big clunky gear sticks are good for manual cars.

It makes more sense if you are used to driving automatic cars and look at it as continuing the tradition by maintaining the PRND Layout.

BMW Are pretty much the only company that went against tradition in the i3 (Well, also Volkswagen Who copied so much of the BMW i3 when making the ID.3 Too!) and ditched that traditional layout so you push it forwards to go into D and pull it backwards to go into reverse. It definitely caused a moment of confusion the first time I drove it.


Less dusty though…I trust! :wink:


Yup! That “piano” black makes no sense. Every time you wipe it …. It just attracts more dust and sticky fingers…. And that’s just from me!!! :man_shrugging:

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I had a brand new 2021 GT E2008 in September 2021 and it looked great. However, the range on the motorway dropped like a brick at 70 mph in a big windy thunder storm on the A1.

70% = 45 miles and it wasn’t a very cold day.

Needless to say it was gone within 2 weeks and I went to the ID3 for all the winter which gave about 170 miles on the motorway in the cold winter weather.

I’m now in the 2022 E208 and it performs really well. (wired apple car play is hit and miss grrrrrrrr ) I have had it new since July, done 6000 miles and get 160 on the motorway at 70 mph and much more if just local driving. A nice little sporty looking car.

With winter rapidly approaching I’m feeling that range anxiety looming…
I had ordered another ID3 for delivery 1st October via the fancy new app but you guessed, this app is “pants” as well as the car wasn’t available even though I paid for it etc. zzz zzz zzz

The new gear selector works fine. It’s not even worth mentioning really…

I have had piano black it lots of different cars over the years and it looks great when new and in the adverts, but the practically of it is dreadful. Some scratch so easy also and everything just sticks to it. A microfiber cloth is a must in the door pocket.

It will be interesting to see how the both the new E208/ E2008 work out in winter.


Yep, it does catch me out sometimes :rofl:

My 72 plate e-2008 I got in October is like that and honestly is the only extremely annoying thing about the car.

The range is so odd, between 180-80 the range is all over the place…after that it stays good for way longer than you would expect. Had a 21 plate delivered and it was rubbish went back for a 2022 plate delivered but the mood lighting doesn’t work so off she goes to the garage.

Honeslty nice looking car but a bit crap.

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Well coming back from Manchester last night in the bitter cold on the M62 and my E208 showed 50% with 52 mile range which is not far off.

At 70mph I normally get 65-70 mile out of 50% in mild weather.

Don’t we just love an EV in the cold and the car looks like a block of ice.

I have a Blue e-2008 and every morning so far the bonnet has had frost on it. The design of the car means you can see the bonnet easily so watching the frost slowly go away overtime is unique.

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My wife was shopping yesterday morning and when she returned to the car, some guy was doing double takes as he couldn’t understand why there was so much snow on the bonnet on our I-pace, when his and all others around were clear of snow. He said as much and my wife replied, “it’s got no engine”, still looked a bit perplexed so followed up with its “all electric” at which point the penny dropped.