New person!

Hi guys I’m new to onto and looking for some advise/questions answered.
Can you keep the cars longer than the month? Like a long term thing? Is there a time limit?

Hi - yep no problem generally speaking. I had an i3 for nearly 2 years.

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You can keep the cars long term yes. You get the car with a rolling 1 month rental agreement. You can just sign another one after your first month and keep going with your existing car (or arrange to swap for another model, or return it and cancel)

You don’t have a time limit for being a subscriber, but there is an age limit on the cars. You can’t have a car more than 24 months old or 24k miles, so after that you would have to swap to a newer car.

Yep. I’ve had mine almost a year now.
Hoping to keep it another year.

Thanks all, how do you find the mileage. Is there an option to add more than the 1000 per month if needed? Is it expensive?

you can buy mileage packages and also you can use your reward points to pay for these aswell