New ONTO Shell card

Look what just arrived in the Post. It says, “We have partneted with Shell to give you even more options to charge…”. I think this is in addition to Pulse but not sure.


Hey @grandadgeorgec, I see you’re one step ahead of everyone, looks like your card came a bit earlier than it should have! We will be releasing all the information soon, stay tuned :wink:


And I thought it could only get better having to travel 13 miles to my nearest Polar charger has never been ideal and my nearest Shell charge point is twice as far and there is literally 1 in the whole of greater Manchester :pensive:


If I have read the letter correctly, it isn’t only Shell chargers…

Assuming “free access” means it is completely free to charge at all Ionity, Shell, Osprey, Alfa Power chargers (etc etc) then this is amazing.

Hope I’m not mistaken, and hope this doesn’t come attached with a bump in subscription prices!


1st ehhh. Not been first at anything for at least 60 years. Do I get a prize, extra onto cap :tophat: maybe or do I get a penalty for spoiling the xmas surprise :face_with_thermometer:


I received 1 too! It states 18 different charging points, including Shell Recharge, Ionity, Chargepoint.

All in all over 3,000 charge points in the UK.

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Anyone spotted the kWh / kW faux pas in the letter… :laughing:

Call them bananas though as far as I’m concerned with unexpected perks like this!

Might be enough to persuade me to stay!!

Yes, that is correct!

@KineticHaze, the Shell card will not only give you free access to Shell Recharge, but also to a whole network of partners. Overall, I can see in the map that there are quite a few in Greater Manchester. We will be sending out more info soon and I hope you will be pleasantly surprised :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope so to but greater Manchester is large only charge point that’s actually local to me is genie point :pensive:

This is really good news and a really pleasant surprise! Good work Onto!!

I went to check the door mat and there was a nice looking letter that I could feel contained a new card inside… just a replacement Monzo card! Would be great if I receive mine before the weekend…!


Could we please have confirmation whether we will still have access to BP Pulse or is this going to be instead of that?


Got mine today, too. Fantastic news!

Just seen it says “Valid in GB” on it. Does that mean the card only works here in the UK or does it work abroad as well if we take the car to Europe? @Lily_at_Onto

You get to keep both :smiley: This is in addition to BP Pulse.


Happy Christmas to all at Onto and very well done.

Amazing! Thanks!

Ionity chargers up and down the country are about to get a lot busier I think…


Cancel the Customer Focus Groups! There’s nothing else on the agenda. The cat is out of the bag! Twiddles didn’t sign the NDA :rofl:


Got my letter too, is the card active now?
Zap map doesn’t have some of the newer pulse chargers, so I check both pulse and zap map. Does anyone know if that’s the same for the Shell recharge map and zap map?

Lol, postman pat has breached the NDA, lol

The card has a chip. Does this mean we won’t need a COVID-19 vaccine? :wink:

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It says “and in Europe” in the letter so a bit inconsistent there

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