New OnTo customer here

So after the drama with drover/Cazoo (they don’t want to do subscriptions now and asking for all their cars back) I’m finally now a onto customer with a snazzy Renault Zoe :smiley:

Nice to see the wait times have come right down these days too

Also here’s my referral code (fresh and unused) 4934f gives you £50 off your first month :+1:

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Welcome back to the OntO version of the Arkham Asylum :slight_smile:

A bit strange of Cazoo, especially as they have loads of MX30’s advertised…

Enjoy the Zoe :slight_smile:


Yeh not sure what’s up with Cazoo just out the blue they sent an email with a pick up date for my car (which had 8 months left on the contract) then down the bottom of the email they put that they need all the cars returned and won’t charge any cancellation fees or pick up fees

So I was like cool, time to try onto again :rofl:

March 2022 I’m going to use it to get to Brixton from Glasgow, should be a interesting/fun trip even if it goes wrong hehe so got between now and then to get used to the Zoe


I Used to do that exact trip every other weekend in a 30kWh Nissan LEAF for a while across all weathers. Chargers have increased and improved and batteries have only gotten bigger since the days when I used to do that. Don’t worry, it will be fine!

Be sure to download the ABRP App if you don’t already have it. It will help you plan your route and find the best places to charge (and even how long you will need to be plugged in for) for the quickest possible journey.


Hi All, I’m new to Onto, and first experience of the website etc. isn’t fantastic.

I signed up because I’d have liked to try the Hyundai Kona, but availability appears to be unavailable. I had a text chat with support and they assured me it’s just very popular and I should keep trying. I decided I might try the Ioniq instead first and although it was offering me dates, every time I tick the Agree box for the Terms & Conditions, my mobile phone app gets a notification saying my subscription is ending soon and the booking fails when I then try and confirm and book.

Is all the above because I’m a new user and never booked a vehicle before, or is something broken?

Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.

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@Blue booking system works fine and ioniqs are available to book, it’ll be because you’ve recently signed up and onto hasn’t had time to check your details and licence

I’d give it 24-48hrs then try again, if the issue persists then get in touch with onto via live chat or email, customer service is really good and they do quick replies with email


Feel free to call during office hours and press the option for new customers. They can help place a booking for you if the website is misbehaving.

The Ioniq and Kona are both really good cars. The Ioniq is a fair bit bigger too. But you will miss out on a few features, get less range and slower charging.

See how you get along with the Ioniq and then swap in future if you want the Kona. It’s only £49.50 to swap so not bad at all. Just as I hinted before if you’ve only looked at pictures of the Kona they are rather deceptive. It’s significantly smaller than it first appears to be. You may want to call in at a dealership and take a quick look at one to make sure it is big enough for your needs before you book in future.


I have a car with Cazoo and I haven’t had any email strange I’ve had it 14 months aswell

@Kevcasey heres the email I received

Which works out for me, because the only reason I didn’t go with onto (which was evezy at the time) was because evezy kept me waiting for a car for 6 months, while the loudest on the forums was jumping the queue - so I went with drover out of frustration

But now that onto has fixed the supply issue and allows peoples to book cars directly on the website drover/cazoo gave me the perfect opportunity to switch to onto early thanks to cazoo stating in the email they won’t charge cancellation fees

Your car may be fine but honestly I’d expect an email from cazoo in the coming months

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You said that they were stopping all of their subscriptions, however it doesn’t state that in the messages that you have posted, in fact they are inviting you to take out another subscription?

Maybe I am missing something?

From reading that it looks like Cazoo have either had a finance agreement terminated or a manufacturer has asked for the cars back.

Its a bit crap to be honest, and not really in the spirit of a subscription…

And they should be offering the world to you, to stay a customer or to give you a refund of x amount as a sorry…

@EVG @mozzauk

The short story is, drover used to be the evezy of the petrol world, they were struggling for money, cazoo bought drover and now cazoo are washing their hands of anything drover related, including original drover agreements

I’m a drover customer, and drover doesn’t exist anymore

In that email cazoo is offering me to become a cazoo customer, which I don’t want to be I’d rather be a onto customer because the pricing is much better, hence why I took the offer of free cancellation

But your right, they should’ve offered me a better deal and they havnt

So that’s why I’m saying they’re wanting all their cars back and not doing subscriptions because really, drover doesn’t exist and cazoo doesn’t want anything to do with it


Im actually going to swop it next month cus my insurance has gone up silly money so I can get a newer car exactly the same for 120 less pm with delivery miles on so it’s a no brainer


Same as above, I’ve got a Drover subscription, and haven’t received this. Sounds like is was for just one of Drovers old providers, rather than the entire Drover subscription fleet.

Saying that, I’d be happy if they wanted mine back, quite fancy a second EV rather than this huge diesel.

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Cazoo are still showing some 80+ EV only vehicles available for subscription only.
So it doesn’t look like they have closed off this part of the business.

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Thanks @Dskywere,

I suspected it was newbie troubles. Just a bit frustrating, because I don’t have much free time to talk to customer support lately.

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Thanks. I’ve had a quick look at a dealer and figured the Kona could work, but wanted to have one for a month and see if I got on with it. I’ll have another go at both cars.

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@markd well a quick Google search shows I’m not alone

That’s from July, checked on trust pilot as well and found afew more who mentioned they got changed from drover to cazoo and regret it

Seems like this has been on-going

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I ended up phoning customer services (long wait today though). Apparently they’re having a technical issue whereby cars are being offered for dates on the website that the backend already knows are fully booked. As such it might be a good tip for people to try later dates if you have the issue I had.

Additionally, my account hadn’t been fully registered, they needed more info, but hadn’t asked for it! :open_mouth: I’ve now booked an Ioniq but it’s about a month away.


Hi everyone,
I’m a new user and I have few questions please? I tried to find the answers across the forum but I couldn’t. So apologies if they been already asked!

I’ve been told that if I have a puncture I’ll have to pay for it … any idea how much that cost?

And are we paying for Congestion charge and ULEZ? I know that 100% electric cars shouldn’t BUT when I enter the number plate (random) the result was saying otherwise! Can anyone in London share their experience please.

I’m still waiting for my car to be delivered and in a mean time I just want to have more clarity on what exactly I’m getting into it … especially when I’m planning to use their services for a bit longer.

Kind regards