New Onto competitors; Zoe ZE50 GT for 379/month!

Interesting. On the Polar network ? I’ve never been able to find all Elmo’s terms and conditions in order to make a fair comparison with ONTO. Are they available on their website for anyone to read, or do you have to register first?

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Charging plan info is here:


Good spot. Just goes to show that companies do a great job of hiding info in all manner of web pages. Wouldn’t have occurred to me to read a blog page to find out the cost of charging option.

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@E7EV Time for you to do a comparison chart :blush:
I see Elmo have also added the MG ZS Exclusive version too to the list of available cars.


I like the MG but have to be over 30 years old to subscribe with elmo :confused:

I wonder if the Exclusive is worth £50 a month extra over the Excite.

Probably not, but the the Excite version I test drove was very basic to say the least. Reminded me of the early days of Dacia hire cars. Super basic. Exclusive does come with better spec and pano roof, but doubt it’s worth the extra 50, maybe 20 ish.

Yeah, I had originally registered interest with Elmo in the early days prior to launch. Their eligibility at the start was 25+ but every time I looked since then their terms and conditions were regularly being changed including the minimum age being raised to 30.

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I just don’t like the lack of transparency. All charges and costs should be clear before you have to start registering interest and giving them some of your details. There’s a subscription surcharge, depending on where you live. I’m guessing I’d be clobbered with an extra charge for insurance due to living in London. What initially looks like a good price could quite easily become more expensive than the headline figure.


Ive arranged returning back my ZE40 and I’m swapping to Elmo and one of their ZE50 GT Line with a key.

They do referral scheme, although they are incorporating on their website, currently is enough with dropping them an email.

If interested use my referral code: ISB2GG for a mutual £50 discount (first month I believe).

I will be posting more about them soon. Car should be delivered next week.


I think that the surcharge is for london area and midlands, extra £30 I believe is for the insurance.


I got delivered today the ZE50 GT LIine CCS from Elmo, I’ve created a new thread in a forum to avoid spam. If anyone is interested/has questions, please see herein: The ELMO DRIVE Discussion thread

It comes with a key yay!

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Don’t forget to add the £10 a month for the Polar Subscription to the Elmo Price. Also some early ONTO customers get two additional drivers included, whereas Elmo charge £10 a month for each one. And ONTO gave a discount of £50 for each of the first three months of the ZE50 subscription and we got the first delivery charge at half price.

Another potential consideration is the referral program. Are you likely to get as many referrals from Elmo as you would from ONTO?

Elmo Minimum 3 month 8k miles £399
London Surcharge £30
Polar Subscription £10
Set up fee (£85) £7.08
Delivery (£22) £1.83
Total £448

ONTO Minimum 1 month 12k miles £419
Discount (£150) less £12.50
Delivery (£25) £2.08
Total £409

Over 12 months, Elmo would be £39 a month more expensive for me.

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A green Black Friday deal…

Go Green this Black Friday! :red_car::seedling:

To celebrate ‘Green Friday’, we’ve got an unbeatable offer on our hugely popular Renault ZOE ZE50 s

£379pm for a 1 month commitment only

(This price is normally only available to customers locking into a 12-month contract)

What better way to try a brilliant electric car?

View Green Friday Offer

Price includes:

Renault ZOE ZE50 R135 (GT Line with rapid charge)
Comprehensive insurance

Breakdown cover

Maintenance & servicing

Carbon offset donation

Our ’ Green Friday ’ promotion will end at midnight on Friday 27th November .

( Limited stock available. Offer only valid while stocks last.)

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Out of the 2 companies Elmo would be more expensive for me, delivery would be £171 + £95 admin fee


My delivery fee is £22 apparently. Their registered office is 7 miles away from me. I wonder if they charge according to your distance from there?

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I was really tempted by this Green Friday offer but the £30 surcharge because I live in London means it is only £10 a month cheaper and this will soon get chewed through with charging cost. This is before you fact in delivery and admin fees.

Shame as they seem the better firm in terms of customer service as the couple of occasions I have emailed them they have responded within the hour which is particularly impressive as this was outside office hours.

Hopefully, with more competitors coming into the market we will start to see prices dropping.


To be fair, this is probably because they don’t have many customers yet. It was like that with evezy ONTO when I first joined almost 2 years ago. Let’s see if they can maintain that service as the number of subscribers increases.


I have seen this with many firms as they grow. The important balance is to have more staff in customer services than you do in sales and marketing. Referral business is a much easier sell than attracting new clients :wink:


If you want a one off £50 mutual referral code let me know, as that might help you shaving costs :wink:

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