New Onto competitors; Zoe ZE50 GT for 379/month!

There’s competition in town, guys!

Elmo has just launched the ZOE ZE50 GT with rapid charge for £379 all inclusive.

Very tempting. Same car for exactly 60 pounds less a month. That’s 720 a year.

It may be a 12 month subscription but many of us keep the car for long anyway (I had my Zoe Z.E. for 15 months and have already had my Z.E.50 for 5; and I think Elmo also offer are other shorter term options for £399).

Considering Onto does not really have a lot to offer in terms of customer service (let’s be honest, it’s improved slightly later but it’s horrible) seems like a switch would be too risky… I mean, it’s probably easier to do better than Onto than to do worse, sadly.

Looking forward to seeing what Onto has to offer to keep us loyal :wink:

They couldn’t pay me to drive another Zoe. I’d rather walk everywhere.

Hopefully they will get some more EV models.

It’s about time ONTO had some real competition. It will motivate them to improve the offering and customer service (which is still abysmal).

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Why ate you doing monthly subscription if you plan on keeping over a year it doesn’t make sense just get a lease and save a fortune

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I should have done that to be fair, but I like the all-inclusive concept (when I thought it was actually all-inclusive and not what it actually is).

Not that I would ever have another Zoe but to compare for me delivery is double that of onto and a £95 one off admin fee. And charging is not included unless you choose the additional options that will only be quoted during sign-up !!

But they do offer a home charger installation for that additional premium (although no idea how much the premium option is) which would be good and is definitely something ONTO needs to look at providing now they have removed the grant option.

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That still keeps it at least 500 pounds a year cheaper than Onto, though. Remember that a Polar Plus subscription is only 7.85 a month… and they offer 3 months free.

Does Elmo do a referral scheme ?

Don’t forget ONTO pay the kWh charges where applicable as well. Worth quite a bit to me as I can’t charge at home. Like others, if Elmo get some more interesting EVs I’d be interested. Would love to try the Mini Electric !

Not a direct comparison. Once you select 3 months (and that’s the min, unlike 1 month with ONTO) and 1000 miles per month it’s the same price as ONTO And that doesn’t include free charging and also a one off £95 setup fee. Good to see they are finally getting some more cars available. Shame they haven’t managed to get any Kona and e-Niro’s yet as many would like those on subscription.


Exactly, in September, my Polar bill would’ve been over £80! (Granted, I paid an extra £75 for 750 miles)

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Does any one know roughly how much it will cost to charge a vehicle on a polar station for total of 1000 miles?

At 3 Miles per kWh average efficiency, charging at 50kW Rapids with a Polar Plus membership that’s going to put you around the £50 mark for 1000 miles.

In reality it will be harder to say for sure as different chargers have different prices, and depending on what you’re driving and under what circumstances your efficiency can vary wildly.

If you’re getting a car elsewhere and don’t have an inclusive Polar membership you probably will look into charging elsewhere with other (more reliable) networks too and they all have different prices. Depending on location and needs, you could spend way more, or way less.

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I think in general though the ‘standard’ ultracharger price for plus members is 15p/kWh, so assuming 3miles per kWh - Just short of £50.

It is interesting, but for those of us still on legacy tariffs, (albeit with a ZE40), this is still nearly £100 a month more, so pretty much just as per ONTO. I thought that Elmo was planning to do second hand EVs too? Or was that another company?

But looking at alternatives, like Instavolt / Osprey etc. the price would be eyewatering and TBH it would work out more expensive than Petrol or Diesel.

My ~£80 Polar bill was 534 kW approximately @ 15p for 1700 miles (mostly motorway) (Just under 5p/mile)

Had I used Instavolt @ 35p/kW it would be an eye watering £186.90 (Just under 11p/mile)

A decent petrol or diesel car could easily get 60+MPG and the fuel cost would only be about 7-8p per mile!

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Ionity charges 69p/kWh, so something like 20p/mile. Perhaps not surprising for a network run by automotive OEMs. Anyone would think they didn’t want to transition…

As I said, it depends where you are and your needs. I basically never touch Polar at all, and my charging costs are often way less than even the £50 that you would see had you been using Chargemaster’s 50kW rapids.

When it’s coming out of your own pocket, you quickly learn where all the free chargers are.

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won’t let me post

I know it’s the wrong category but does any one know if the Tesla Model 3 SR+ has a deposit and is it refundable?

Yes, but the waiting list is MAHOOOOOSIVE!

The deposit is 4 months, monthly rentals are taken from said deposit, if you cancel after 1 month and before your 4th month, any remaining “Deposit” will be refunded.

Elmo has unlimited charging for £10 per month

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