New Onto App in Ad

Well this is new.


Has anyone got this new app?
Anyone any info on it?
Does it have a widget?
I need to know more :joy:

Where was this image posted?

It was on Instagram.

Hey @Pinky_Ponk, As we move into 2021 we’re looking to give the app a refresh and this is one of the many prototypes we’re testing with for the future. When we have more information, we’ll be sure to let you know!


Can I make a pitch for an Apple Watch app??? Or is that too niche? :laughing:

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Request for iOS Widget support.

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iOS widget support is definitely one noted for the future. At the moment we’re rebuilding the core infrastructure of the app, so expect more frequent updates in 2021 with the app itself :slight_smile:


Is it just me, or is this Instagram ad of a e-208 GT with the price £339 top and bottom a bit misleading?

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From £339 and a picture of the e208 as well as “Peugeot e-208 GT Line” in text under it, that certainly looks misleading to me!

You could always ask the ASA if you were so inclined.

It’s like saying “FROM 9p” and put a picture of Heinz Beans on a poster, but the “From” refers to the “Tesco Value” beans

Yeah having dealt with how pissy the ASA can be first hand they would absolutely rule this add misleading even with the from wording, the only way it would be allowed is if the GT Line was not there and they had a lower spec 208 that was £339


The problem is the inclusion of the make and model in the advert. It does look like an advert specifically for the e-208 and is misleading.

Remove the text and it just becomes an example car and the advert is fine.

I would change it if I were them.

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I would suggest a rotating slideshow of all vehicles on the fleet


And another

That vehicle is not available from £339.

@Lily_at_Onto Please see the above thread information and get someone in the marketing department to get these corrected before they cause ONTO grief. :wink:

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Hey guys - yes we’re on it! Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile: