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Good evening everyone I have just joined and booked a Tesla model 3 long range , I picked a delivery date as the end of the month do you think I may be able to bring it forward ,
Thanks in advance

Whatever dates you saw at the time of booking were the only dates that would have been available I’m afraid. Since the car is no longer available to book it’s likely that all slots are now gone so you probably can’t really make any significant changes anymore.

It won’t hurt to try. Give them a call during office hours. Press option 2 for new customers and that will get you though to the right people. See what they say, but I personally wouldn’t count on it.


Hi Barnestony199,
I hope you do get your Tesla. I have been waiting for over a year and have also picked a date for delivery, September the 30th, I am still driving a Puegeot e208 with no news of a Tesla to be delivered :frowning:

Wasn’t you on the waiting list? waiting lists are no longer around, there has been a couple of days where Tecla’s have come up but usually go quite quickly, rather than waiting you might be worth when you see one available then booking a swap.

I could be wrong but I have a feeling closer to the 30th we will see quite a few Tesla’s come available, Tesla’s have quite a big draw and with the up and coming TV advert it makes sense for ONTO to hold back some stock ready for the TV exposure.

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I think I am holding “onto” all my previous conversations over the phone regarding the Tesla. Time to update.

Thanks DavidJL

Thanks for replies everyone , I am a brand new customer who booked the Tesla Model 3 Long Range when it showed it was available online the beginning of this month I have just asked onto about if the car will be delayed or not as I have a company car to hand back