New Insurers

Any experienced the new insurers yet? I have and bitterly disappointed but then I don’t know what the old one was like to compare.
So far they have taken the details of the accident and said it is a no fault claim and they will arrange the repair. Then I got a call from the repairers asking for the person who drove in to my car as they’d arranged to repair his vehicle and not mine. Then when I called them and changed it to me they had the damage in the wrong place, front rather than back. I then had to chase for them to send someone to look at it, they have and then they’ve asked me to take it to a body shop an hour away to have it looked at again as the mobile repair and body shop repair elements are separate. Basically, the car has been in an accident that someone else caused and I’ve spent all week having to make phonecalls to be at a point that my car is still on my driveway with no clear route to repair and still not sure if its actually safe to drive. So for a week its sat there costing me a lot of money and I’ve taken time off work. This isn’t acceptable!!
I expect an insurance company to work like my last claim phone the insurers and hand the car and keys to a recovery driver who is also delivering my courtesy car and hand that back and get my keys when its fixed. I don’t expect to be driving all over the country getting it assessed.

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Will flag @Adam_at_Onto and @Rob_at_Onto as that does not sound anything like normal.


@dolores1976 Agree that doesn’t sound right. I’ll flag to our claim and maintenance team to get this sorted out for you.

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Thanks @Adam_at_Onto I had a call from Amy at Onto who has sorted for the repairers to come and get my car and get it sorted. I’m really pleased as they have been messing me about all morning and I can now finally relax and wait for the call about the courtesy car.

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Great news @dolores1976 glad we managed to get it sorted for you.

A DPD van rolled into my ID.3 and put a nice big dent in it. Reported it to the insurers a week ago and still heard nothing re repair. I have had a call from DPDs insurers saying they will pay for repairs! Sad that their insurer is better than ONTO’s. @Adam_at_Onto can you find out what’s going on and like above arrange for a pickup and courtesy car to her arranged asap? Seems all is not well with the new insurers. Took 3 phone calls for them to capture all the required info in the first place.

Thanks for the feedback @marieosteopath I’ve flagged to the team to check what is happening and also to provide feedback to our new insurance provider.

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Still no contact for me from Customer Services.

@Adam_at_Onto well I thought it was sorted but I have the car being picked up tomorrow and no courtesy car to replace it. Body shop say onto are sorting it for me, Onto say body shop should sort it and I’m still waiting on a call back from your maintenance people to tell me whats happening.

If I’ve heard nothing about courtesy car I have to cancel the collection by bodyshop by 5pm today as I might need the car in case of hospital appointments and they might take it and it be gone for 4 weeks and I’m disabled and stranded in a village where no taxi’s will come to!!!

Would have been easier to swap me in to another Renault Megane as there’s a grey one in my area!

@dolores1976 I’ll get @Amy_at_Onto to give you a call to find a better solution as that doesn’t sound like a good solution. If our car is going to be off road more than 7 days and without a courtesy car we should be swapping it out for you.

Well a really positive update, Amy has arranged to swap me in to a Megane in Grey this week and I couldn’t be happier. It does seem that it is down to the insurance company and misunderstandings from them and Onto have responded positively when the right person has got hold of the issue. Both myself and Onto thought it was sorted Friday but the repairers had misunderstood the courtesy car request.

I’m really pleased because I did want Grey originally :slight_smile: ! Hoping that I get to keep using this one now for the forseeable and I definitely want to try it throughout the summer

@Adam_at_Onto please pass my thanks on to Amy as I really appreciate how she managed to sort this out for me


Thanks for the update @dolores1976 @Amy_at_Onto gave me an update that she’d managed to sort the replacement (in the lovely grey) out for you. I will pass on your message.

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And still nothing from the insurers re my repair of my id.3. Im feeling I may as well let DVD’s insurers sort it out at this rate.

@Adam_at_Onto My car is booked in to the body shop in Feb but speaking to my local VW garage they say the repair will take likely 2 of 3 weeks due to supply issues with the front bumper in the UK. Can CS check with the insurer please and if it’s going to be more than 7 days can you please arrange a vehicle swap instead as I do not wish to be without my Onto car for a long period (again),

Hi @Anglolux, I’ve asked @Amy_at_Onto to coordinate between our claims team and yourself to see what we can do to get this resolved for you. If the repair is going to take 2 -3 weeks we will swap your car out at the point it goes into the garage.