New electric cars coming in 2022 and beyond

Quite a long list of cars/van, but a small number I would actually want.
Some are just plain ugly, not mentioning any of course :wink:


Quite excited for the new Kias and Hyundais. Whether they’ll be in my price range is another matter. :rofl:

Out of that list, the only ones that interest me are the new Mini Electric, Renault 5 EV and the VW ID.1. All the others are too big or too expensive or both.

The one most likely to join the ONTO fleet is the R5 due to the ONTO/Renault long-standing relationship.

Supposedly starting from under £20k, it would be nice if it undercut the current cheapest Zoe by £50 or so a month. At £399, they’d fly out of the door.


There’s a lot of big old ugly busses in there.

Roaming around Farnborough the other weekend it struck me how a lot of people are interested in things that are new and a bit more exciting - or maybe even old, reimagined ideas. People do want more Amis , they want Cats, they’re prepared to look at Carvers and micro-mobility.

Whilst the big busses are nice, they’re just going to gum up our already treacle-like traffic systems. So there looks to be a couple of manufacturers there who could turn into real dinosaurs.

You know I’m going to say bring on the Renault 5 (I’d probably like to try a Migraine on the way) and the Good Cat. And there’s some other funky Chinese cars that haven’t made that list……


Seems to have been updated…
Although no idea what changes/additions

Loads of choice in the upper premium range, but diddly squat down the lower end, which is where all the manufs need to make a lot of headway and sooner not later.

Need a lot more family hatchbacks with great efficiency and clever design.