New e208 GT…. (Previously was..Not sure what to do)

This is basically just me tapping out some thoughts as a means of helping me to think through the options… so I don’t necessarily expect any responses, but thought I may as well post it here as some of it may resonate with others, and any thoughts welcomed.

Esentially, we are thinking of returning the Kona and getting something else instead. In the current circumstances, it’s just overkill really, and, to be frank, I don’t really like it and haven’t jelled with it at all. If I really liked it, I think it’d be different, and we’d probably hold on to it in the hope that we get to actually use it to its potential over the coming months. But…I don’t particularly like driving it, so it’s quite a lot of money to pay for something that we can’t really use much, and don’t particularly enjoy using when we do. (In brief, it feels ridiculously heavy, doesn’t ride much better than the i3 around town, is really noisy on the motorway, has quite severe torque steer, an unrefined cruise control system, grabby brakes, stupid VESS reversing beep that can’t be turned off, terrible cabin ergonomics etc etc. There are, of course, good points about it, but these are the things that I think about almost every time I drive it, whereas, with the i3, every single drive was enjoyed. Also, these are just my personal opinions, and I fully appreciate others will have differing opinions, and different priorities).

I’m not sure, but I think having the i3 as a first EV may have put me off most of the run-of-the-mill type EVs which Onto currently offer. At least for now, until some more options start to materialise.

The trouble is, at present, and for our needs, the most sensible Onto alternative to the Kona is probably the Ioniq, but then I’m pretty sure it will feel pretty similar to the Kona in many respects, cause many of the same annoyances, and it also just does absolutely nothing for me. The Zoe doesn’t really appeal either, and whilst I like the look of 208, and it sounds like it drives nicely, the pricing is too high for me, for what if offers vs the Ioniq. If it wasn’t going to be the Ioniq, I’d rather have an i3 back over the 208, I think.

So…we are actually thinking the unthinkable and considering buying a fairly cheap ICE car that can sit on the drive for 99% of the time doing absolutely nothing, doing hardly any depreciating, but which will be ready to meet our very occasional driving needs. It could just be a fairly short term thing until things really get back to something approaching normality, and until Onto have something that appeals (maybe an ID.3 for example).

This is the thing with EVs - they make more sense (financially speaking) the more miles you do (especially now with the Shell card too). Doing far fewer miles than usual scuppers that calculation, to some extent, and instead of a Hyundai that I don’t like driving, and which, bluntly, frequently annoys me, we could, for less overall expense, instead have a fairly fun-to-drive ICE for a little while that won’t do too many miles, and won’t be used for commuting in urban areas - so it’s impact on local air quality will be lessened in that respect. Quite fancy a Z4, but seems like prices may have crept up quite a bit since I last looked so it may instead be something a little more mundane. Anyway, still very much up in the air at the moment…I’m sort of hoping a post will appear on here soon announcing the next batch of new models!


I’m the same with the ionic I just haven’t gelled with it in fact the only things I like is, range and gadgets but it’s so cheap built its unreal I like zoe I loved i3 and the 208 was, excellent but poor range I’m not sure I’m going to keep ionic beyond this month I feel its just a cheap car and I just don’t like it

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You say the Zoe doesn’t appeal, but that may well be the answer, especially if finances are coming into this. It’s the very cheapest option but still has a very good range per charge. If the Kona hasn’t done it for you and that experience has already ruined the chances of an Ioniq I would probably say that is the way to go, for now at least until something else comes up. It doesn’t have to be the long term answer.

It’s that, or returning to the i3 - But it’s far from guaranteed that one will be available, nor how long you will get to keep it before de-fleet, if you do manage to get it.

ICE Can be the option to fall back to. Just make sure you have considered all expenses that you may have potentially forgotten after getting used to an all-inclusive subscription, as well as the hassle in getting rid of it, if this is a short term fix as you say.

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Yeah I maybe need to give a little more thought to the Zoe, and read up some more on other’s experiences with it.

I’ve dug out a very through spreadsheet I made a few years back for quickly comparing different cars and different ownership models so have been using that, but yeah, the general hassle of finding, buying, maintaining and selling used cars is definitely the main thing putting me off going down that route.

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Keep us posted will be interesting to see what you decide.
My onto experience so far has been great and it means I am considering selling one of our ICE cars to fund an ongoing subscription. The i3 is perfect for 90% of everything we do and was a great little car, but I really would like to do best of both worlds if I can and also know I have the range in reserve for the odd emergency trip (I don’t need much more than the i3 has.)
Just to be able to squeeze 180 or so miles in a single trip without having to worry).
If we swap. the EV will mainly be for my missus and also with relatives where we need to do the odd ‘mercy dash’ (which means we just need to occasionally get somewhere sort something and get back without delay) and it needs to function as the ‘main’ car. I am continuing to try different things to see if we can also change our behaviour and make the EV (whichever one) fit. I will try some of the other vehicles onto has but none of them ‘grab me’ as much as the i3 so really interested to see where you land as well. I am also watching to see when the model Y ID4 and Mustang land as they may strike the right price/range balance. I do think being able to swap and the fully inclusive model is great. I have had many cheapo ICE cars in my time but by the time I add the insurance, tax, fuel, tyres servicing and roadside I would probably be better off having a Zoe on the drive!


Have been playing around with ABRP a bit to compare a frequent long journey we make. Normally we would be able to charge back to 100% at the destination, before making the return journey, but not now, for obvious reasons…so this is also negating what would otherwise be a benefit of the Kona, as we still need to stop when normally we wouldn’t. (BTW, the destination is not really my place of ‘work’ but I just save it as that in ABRP)

Kona (using my reference consumption of 4.0mi/kWh)

e208 (using 3.6mi/kWh)

Ioniq (using 4.5mi/kWh)

Zoe (using 3.24mi/kWh)

First of all, can anyone tell me what reference figure they use for the e208, and also whether any of the other 3 should be adjusted up or down.

Because the route has good charging options (inc. ultra rapids from Ionity & Shell), the e208 looks like it shouldn’t be too much worse than the Kona…but…I’ve seen lots of concerns about the e208s range, so is ABRP possibly giving an overly optimistic impression? (All the plans are based on today’s weather).

I’ve also compared the Kona vs the e208 for a drive from London to the south of France in 20°C temps, which we’d hopefully do this summer/autumn (but which now looks likely to be impossible anyway, for obvious reasons).

Overall difference is only about an hour thanks to superior charging performance (on paper) of the e208, and continued roll out of Ionity in France.



I’ve been playing with the e-208’s relative, the Corsa recently. The numbers quoted by the car on the motorway actually aren’t anywhere near as bad as I expected, with between 3.2-3.4 Miles per kWh. I Just have doubts as to how accurate that number is since the charge seems to drop faster than that. Unless there is a fair bit of hidden range near the bottom end I would call those numbers a little optimistic.

The Zoe numbers you got meanwhile are maybe slightly pessimistic. Although if you are even considering a trip to southern France I would say it’s probably not the right car for you anyways. If you opted for it to save money for now, you would definitely be wanting to swap before setting off on a trip like that!

What app do you use for planning journeys?



I’m finding the default reference figures to be pretty accurate for the 208.

I used 3% less SoC over 60 miles than ABRP forecast, - that was at 10C with no HVAC on. I guess having HVAC on would have used up that 3% and a bit more.

I also find Eco mode to be perfectly acceptable, whereas in the Zoe it was like driving through treacle. I’ve had it charging at 75kW - like you I think over a long journey, the charging speed more than makes up for the lack of range over the Zoe, even if you only find a 50kW.

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If only some of these proof of concepts were actually available…


Not gonna lie, I’m really enjoying using the Zoe, having come from driving some of the best electric cars on the market to this…… I have to say I’m genuinely surprised at how well it’s keeping me entertained. It’s honestly like a little go-kart and I’m getting around 200 miles to a charge currently and that’s a mix of 30/40/50 mph roads. I didn’t think I’d really enjoy the Zoe as it’s a massive drop from the likes of a Tesla MX Performance or Polestar 2, but I have to say this little thing has really won me over. For the price I really can’t complain - ok, I will - no heated seats and no arm rest but that’s first world problems right?
I’ve only got to get through a few more months of lockdown and then I can get a bigger better EV, hopefully onto brings in some more choice by summer.
But I certainly wouldn’t rule out the little Zoe. It’s changed my opinion for sure, and I may weep a little as ONTO come to collect it…… when swap day comes. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


That would do the trick! :slight_smile:

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I think all these posts say something about why
many of us subscribed to the ONTO business model. You can try try and try again, with the proviso of models and availability. In my 6 months the range of vehicle available, availability, customer service, system upgrades, charging options and my costs coming down significantly (rewards covering my significant other driver, Zoe Gt Line price reduction, carry over mileage) have made the very few negative experiences (boot creak, leaky door all build problems sorted by Renault) fade. Now I am looking forward to further app developments especially hands free access if they ever resolve issues.

Imagine if I had decided EV was not for me or even worse entered a long term lease or bought an Icona or other and hated it!!!
Just sharing my joy, its my age.:man_bald:


Totally agree - I was just saying this morning to Mrs Bill thank god we didn’t get a 3 year long lease on a Kona or spend the best part of £40k on one!

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Forgot to give a big applause to the ONTO Community. Very special. :blonde_man::blonde_man:


I think @BillN you’re getting a little bored with EVs because things have got too easy. It’s not challenging anymore. Half the fun was the planning and then eking out every kWh! That’s the fun of being early early adopters.

Rather than get an ICE, buy a secondhand small battery i3 and have some fun again :wink:

Here’s one not too far away


Ah yes. All that fun of paying BMW’s endless out of warranty repair bills!
(Seriously, I Would never recommend buying an early i3)

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If it were me or you, I’d agree, but @BillN has plenty of money. He can afford the subscription for a Kona, after all :wink: