New e-tron Q8

New etron Q8


The link keeps asking for a code, odd one. So here’s another link

And having posted the above it does the same.
Some YouTube oddity going on

And surprised it’s not a bespoke EV platform design.


No idea what is going on with Youtube this morning…


Says it will be available in the UK in April - I wonder if Onto have any for delivery in April or whether it is a far longer wait…

Might see if I can get into the ‘new’ Etron when it arrives…

Take any dates from any VAG company with a pinch of salt…

They will probably deliver one car in April, and the rest in October… and also note they dont say which year,…

Biggest change is that the 50 models now get a larger battery/more range and similar performance to the outgoing 55 model yet prices remain similar so a far more compelling proposition than the old 50.

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It is a dedicated EV platform.

“The MLB Evo platform is a shared platform that included ICE like Lamborghini URUS and Audi A8. But for e-tron Audi built a completely new dedicated chassis and body for e-tron so this can’t be compared with other EV like VW Golf or others that use modified ICE chassis.”

That’s interesting because that is not what Jack said in the video, hence my comment.
If it is a ground up bespoke EV platform design, as it should be, then all well and good :blush:

Jack needs to do more research before making videos. :slight_smile:

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