New e-208, My-Peugeot app without the physical key?

After a bit of a faff of changed dates I got a new e-208 delivered yesterday. Seems brand new with only 41 miles on the clock. I was trying to get the MyPeugot app to work so I can control charging and pre-condition. The flaw is the third step in the authorisation process is for you to press a button in the app inside the car with the physical key present. I’ve tried this after unlocking with the onto app but whilst that ‘key’ will start the car it doesn’t seem to authorise the app.

I’m waiting for onto to come back to me on this (although their first response was ask Peugeot). Does anyone else have this working in one of the newer e-208s?

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So does the app say it failed in the third step due to no key being present?

I can’t remember needing the key to set up the app with the GT Line, although I did have one. I remember you had to make a certain number of journeys to complete the set up.

That would be a pain if the set up has changed and now the key is required. Would ONTO send you the key for you to return it after having set up the app? I’d certainly miss being able to precondition if it was no longer possible because of the lack of the app.

On the last page of the activation there is a picture of a phone, a person, a car and a key as well as an ‘identify’ button. It takes a long time to fail saying ‘the operation was unsuccessful’ presumably because it can’t find the key.

I have a ticket open with onto so we’ll see.

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I tried this ‘one last time’ in response to an email from onto and it worked. I’ve now got the ‘multiple 20 minute journeys’ message that others have reported. I’m not sure what the issue was but it is now resolved.

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I have the new gt with no key and was able to set up the my peugeot app first time and it works fine. Make sure u are connected to the cars Bluetooth entertainment system and the doors are closed or u won’t be able to start the car and it should work.

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Hi, is the Peugeot app worth using?
Does it do the same as the onto app?

We also Keep losing the connection with the onto app when we get to car to unlock, and even restarting doesn’t always work. We have stood there for several minutes restarting app, turning phone on and off.

It just seems very odd.

Also do you need phone signal to unlock car or Just Bluetooth?

Many thanks

The Peugeot app will let you precondition the car with hot or cold air before you set off on a journey, as well as monitoring a charge session while away from the car.

The Onto app is the only way that you can unlock the car and get it to start.

You say you keep losing the connection. Which connection exactly? Could you talk us through what happens, as well as any error messages you see? Also could you confirm what phone you have?

You don’t need to have a phone signal every time. The app will occasionally need to be online to confirm your subscriber status, and to download a new digital key each month, but otherwise bluetooth alone should be enough to connect to the car and unlock (as well as pressing the start button very shortly after unlocking too)

Phone is an iPhone X.

Hi went to push unlock, it said unable to connect and please refresh app?
Then pushed refresh then tried again and then same thing happened

Then force shut. Then opened again and it said same thing, but realised the phone signal was bad so assumed that was why. So left car and joined WiFi for short period. Then returned a few minutes later to car and then this time it all worked fine.

Also Regurally when we get in not that quickly.

For example unlock and put things in boot. Then when sit in car have to lock and unlock again so phone is again connected to car again.

Just quite frustrating as we have had to stand around for few minutes in the Street. At the moment are needing to give ourselves extra time Incase the car doesn’t connect.

Yep, same here. It’s incredibly frustrating - particularly because it’s intermittent, and the error messages seem to change with the wind.

Phone signal shouldn’t matter - unless it’s ‘lost’ the key for some reason and you have to download a new one, so don’t worry about that unless you get a picture of a key where the lock/ unlock buttons should be.

When you can’t connect, try putting it into airplane mode, toggling Bluetooth on and off, closing the app, or refreshing. Log out and back in again as a last resort.

For the ‘key not detected’ problem, I’ve found the best thing to do is get in (and close the door) then start immediately. Even if you’re not quite ready to leave yet. (Obviously not easy if you have stuff to load in the boot.)

It’s really not good enough from Onto. Do make sure you feedback to them the problems you’re having with the app.

Same unlocking issues on the Zoe. Reported it during the beta but nothing happened.

Hi, when I first started I found the FAQ section on the ONTO app very helpful in answering apparent app quirks, especially this bit about the 1 minute unlock to engine start timer. My only change to this advice is that if I exceed the limit I stay in my seat and just press unlock (not lock then unlock, just a bit quicker). Everything else I needed help with had been posted somewhere on this excellent forum over time, but its often best to ask again to get the most upto date advice from some very knowledgeable people, just like you have done here.

These issues with the app are going to be resolved this year, one way or another. Us early adopters might put up with it, but the next wave of EV drivers won’t.

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Weirdly - and again frustratingly! - the 1 minute timeout isn’t always 1 minute. Sometimes I get timed out much quicker, other times I’ve been faffing around for several minutes, and the car starts without problem.

Understood. :man_bald:(This is just extra text to make up 20 char)

I don’t like people that say I told you so, but… :wink: