New customer few questions

I have registered but would like to know where I would have to return the car after the sub as if it is not local to me I will have to cancel the order.

Are you allowed to cancel the order without fee.

When do you pay for the sub.

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I’d advise calling them tomorrow, If you’ve not had a vehicle delivered yet they may be able to cancel.

Vehicles can’t be “returned”, they have to be collected, at your expense.

You pay the subscription costs on the day of delivery (but a pre-authorisation hold is applied to your bank / credit card 7 days before this date)

From the rental agreement:

In the event that you request to end the Agreement before
the Commencement Date, we may consider, at our absolute
discretion, refunds of the Total Rental Payment made.
However, if you cancel the Hire Agreement within 48 hours
of the Commencement Date, we may not refund you any
payment or delivery charges (if applicable) paid, as we are
likely to incur costs associated with moving the Vehicle,
parking it, and being unable to make it available to other

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Not signed contract yet (not received it yet)
how much is the collection?

I believe it’s the same as the delivery (£49.99)

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Onto’s terms and conditions are a little fuzzy after a few amendments over time. I don’t think anyone has really read through to make sure everything is up to date and makes sense. There is a £49.50 Delivery fee. There is a charge for the same amount to have it collected when you don’t want to renew anymore.

Onto used to have swap points where you could pick up and return cars free of charge around England, but with COVID that all got shut down.

When you sign the rental agreement, you will be charged the delivery fee, plus the first month’s rental if this is within the next 14 days. If it is more than 14 days away, you will pay the delivery fee, plus 50% of your first month. Whether you can cancel or not is at Onto’s discretion, as Kev has outlined above.


Thank you Kev and Koda for the answers.
I wanting to try ev out and thought this is the cheapest option to see if I can live with a ev despite not having home charger.
I’ve not signed contract yet so cancellation shouldn’t be a issue if needed.

The collection process should be on site with current rules and fees.

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Agreed, the website is missing A LOT of information!

Very hard to find the “Mileage packs” on the site too