New contract FAQs

Hi everyone, following our latest email about our new contract, we have received a few questions from you. I’ve put all the information here for your convenience! If you have any additional questions, please let me know and I will answer them for you :slight_smile:

What is happening?

From 1st September 2020, we are changing our contract and you have received this information via email. Your subscription will now run for one monthly period only. Fourteen days before the end of the month you will have a pop up in the app with the option of either booking in to return your vehicle, or you can e-sign a new contract for the following month within the app.

Why are we changing this?

We believe a subscription should be naturally more flexible than a lease, with the customer in complete control. Whereas currently your contract rolls over monthly unless you notify us, from September the decision will be in your hands and your contract will not automatically roll over.

Secondly, changing our agreement in this way enables the business to get larger funding lines for purchasing vehicles. You have ultimate control one month at a time… and we have the ability to purchase more cars for our ever expanding waiting list!

Is the price of my subscription changing?

No, this doesn’t affect any of our current prices. In the event that we do need to change our subscription prices in the future, members will be informed in advance.

Do I need to sign a new contract each month?

Yes, 14 days before your current contract expires, you will receive an in-app notification, as well as an email asking you if you would like an Onto subscription for the next month. You can sign this in-app, or via the link provided in your email.

What if I miss the notification?

Each time the app is opened, the option will appear until you have selected your preference (though you will be able to hide this in order to access your car). To make sure you don’t miss it, you will also receive an email as well as having the ability to reopen the screen from within the app.

What if I’m going to be away/not available in the 14 day period?

You can sign for another month further in advance, simply get in touch with our customer service team and let them know. If we are unable to get hold of you when you when your existing contract is coming to an end, we won’t retrieve the car without letting you know, we will just lock the booking until we can get hold of you (in case you are in the hospital or abroad).

Is my payment date changing?

No, you will get the notification on the app 14 days before to give you time to decide or in case you are on a trip, etc. However, your payment date is not changing, and the pre-auth will still happen 7 days before the end of your monthly subscription if you have decided to take on another month.

I know I won’t need a car next month, can I let you know further in advance?

Of course, just follow the “Return my car” process in My Account. A member of our customer service team will be in touch with you to arrange collection of your car.

What happens to the car I am in, if I take a new subscription for the next month?

You will be able to keep the same car that you are in, unless you choose to swap to a different model. Swapping to a different model is subject to availability.

What is happening with the mileage?

Unused mileage will not be lost, and we will be communicating how this will work in September.


Thankyou for doing this, you have made it significantly easier to understand than the communication in the email.

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Thanks @Lily_at_Onto!

So just to be clear, does this mean you are still honouring pricing month to month, especially those on legacy tariffs?

From a different post @Lily_at_Onto wrote

@chamelion and @ward3n, that is correct, we will still honour legacy prices and your monthly subscription price is not going to change. Unused mileage will not be lost, and we will be communicating how this will work in September


@Lily_at_Onto Thank you for taking the time to compile this helpful list of FAQs… much clearer to me now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Question… @Lily_at_Onto

My subscription renews 27th every month

19th I’m on 290miles left, I decide to whizz down south for a quick weekend away (600 mile round trip).
Can I add a mileage package there and then on my app to cover the extra miles? Or do I have to add the mileage package and wait till it becomes active on next month’s subscription until I can use the miles?

As it states above I think you will have to wait for a definative answer in September for this.

In the meantime we can all speculate, so my view would be it depends if you have any credit in the first place. Assuming none, then its only 310 miles overage for the month, so you probably have 2 options, 1 being just pay the overage, however in the next month you might do only 600 miles, so you are in credit again. The other option is you buy a credit, but until we know whether you loose out on any unused credit mileage in the next month it might not be worth doing.

Anything that allows you to purchase new vehicles and expand existing stock is a massive plus.
Although I now wish I had got the M3SR+ before the price increase :disappointed_relieved:

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