New Charging Points

Does anybody. know if any of the Zap-Map type applications can list charging points by “Newest Added” or, even better, get notifications for new points within a certain area? I imagine it would be pretty easy to implement (in much the same way as sites like RightMove can list new properties within a certain area).

It seems that very few of the big providers list recently commissioned sites as far as I can see - I think Ionity are the only site I’ve found who do. Ionity actually also list future sites in planning and/or build as well which is nice, although I can understand other providers’ hesitancy in doing so, given the propensity for planning permission to get changed or withdrawn at the last minute!

I noticed tonight that my local council appear to have been adding some Swarco E.Connect eVolt 22Kw AC chargers around and about the place and they’ve silently been going live. They’re not of huge interest to me as they’re outside ONTO’s portfolio and cost 25p/KWh, but it did get me wondering about a centralised way for alerting of new sites. All the information is in Zap-Map because you can clearly see the “date added” and “date last modified” for each location, it’s just that I can’t find a page which collates it in a useful way!

They tweet out every month with a list.


That’s brilliant, thanks; just the kind of thing I was after!

It clearly shows that Instavolt is a very useful addition to the ONTO stable - they’re really going flat out at the McDonalds restaurants! With inclusive InstaVolt charging, for most of my driving I’ll barely need my Shell card and I’ll be using the Polar card for destination charging only; the rapids just seem too unreliable to even bother factoring into a journey when the other options are there.

I see only five BP Pulse additions on that list; maybe they’re busy fixing their existing stock :slight_smile:

If they are fixing them, they’re not doing it anywhere near me!

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The only way that Polar Ultrachargers can be fixed is with a bulldozer, scrap them and fit some actually reliable equipment.

It really annoys me that they had very reliable rapid chargers originally. They broke and could have been quickly and easily fixed, but instead they wasted money replacing them with these ultracharge units that are not user friendly, terribly unreliable, constantly lock up and freeze.

The on street charging points in my borough were installed over 6 months ago. There are run by Allego. They appear on Plug Share, but not Zap-Map, even though that network appears in the list.

There are a load of Tesla and ecotricity chargers at the new Moto services opening tomorrow at Rugby just off the M6 at the junction of M1(shame ecotricity not part of subscription)

Anyone going there tomorrow to have a look. Aren’t there two HPCs at the BP fuel forecourt that we can use?

I’m back here tomorrow supporting the opening so will check :ballot_box_with_check:


From what time will it be open to the public?

Moto website says… RUGBY (OPENING 8AM FRIDAY 30TH APRIL)

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Free charging today… Booom


Think I might just have to have a run over there later today :sunglasses:

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What no Teslas?


@E7EV Beat me to it then :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
It was about 6pm when I got there.
Quite a few cars charging, but no Tesla’s charging.
Spoke to a Tesla guy who was taking pictures and said the Tritium’s were free, so the SC’s might be to, he went to find out, but didn’t see him later to see if that was the case.
Hooked up the same way as another I-pace, by parking in slot 5 and connecting to slot 4 as the charger design dummies have made the cables too short and not moveable to suit all vehicle charge points.
Cables are darn heavy too and not really a snug fit into connector as weight pulls in downward.
Good to see car charged at nearly 100kW rate and did 15% to 75% (55kWh) in just over 40mins.

Guy in blue I-pace was a JLR employee and although lived very close by, decided to hook up once I said it was foc. However the first slot Tritium failed and went into out of order mode.
That might be the first failure in less than a day.
He tried calling the support number…. Long, long delays and retries, but eventually got through to someone who didn’t know there was a new site at Rugby… slap head moment. Anyway he told then to reboot it remotely so it may spring back to life later.
Some pics…


I believe there is a way of doing it. When I returned to the Pug, a Jag next to me was doing the same thing as you. An employee came and showed him how the cable will pull out and so you should be able to use the charger from it’s own space.

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That’s interesting as I looked at the top metal section and it seemed to be clamped in place. Must need some strength to pull that heavy cable out then. Odd that charger design hasn’t learnt from petrol pumps. :smirk:

The problem is that I think they are on retractable reels. You really don’t want that with electrical cables which are supplying a lot of power as it would just cause heat to build up.

The closest you will really get would be the newest Chargepoint units which have the arms on top that pull out from one side to the other so you can reach:


What really surprised me was the overall poor design of a brand new motorway services.
Considering what gridserve have just delivered at Braintree, Moto Rugby had zero renewables, that I could see, with what is going to be a very cold and wet/windy ‘open to the elements’ charging area. They could have made a stunning car port solar PV covered areas over the main car park too. It’s at the top of a hill so as much as I dislike the look of large wind turbines, some smaller ones would generate loads of free elecy along with solar.
They haven’t even considered social distancing going forward. Only one (I think) central footpath across the car park when 2 or 3 are really required. And the cramped main concourse leading to the usual ‘lets hide the toilet facilities’ at the back of the property so everyone has to fight their way through the milling queues at each food outlet.
I expect a bunch of blokes designed it.


A lovely yellow EV in this video of Rugby Services. Obviously belongs to someone with very good taste :wink: