New Car Joining The Fleet In April

So in the Onto newsletter they say “Ready for April? Because we are! A new car will be joining our fleet…”.

I wonder which one it will be? Any guesses? Any that you want it to be?

Could be ID3 but I know a lot of these sold out in quite a big batch as I was finding it hard to get the entry level on a lease before I joined Think a lot of leasing companies swiped up the first load of orders. Maybe onto was one of them :eyes:

What newsletter is this? Email?

Strange, not received that email yet. Wonder why they don’t all get sent or arrive at the same time?

Imagine if they announced that there were only 20 of this great EV at an amazing price…well it seems that I wouldn’t get a look in :angry:

It’s impossible to get emails to all subscribers in a crm database at the same time. Most companies with a few hundred thousand - a few million will take hours to get emails out. It’s just the way these things work. Unless they pay for a serious crm platform which sends it out quicker but clearly they don’t have this as I don’t have the email either yet!

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Ok…so you’re saying that they have to press “send” 2000 times before all subscribers receive their email? :wink:

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Haha imagine! The platform essentially does that for them - just depends how much they’re paying for the platform

I received the email today about an hour ago - here’s a screenshot ^^^

Would be great to get id3s but not sure they will.


Show off! @Lew1994 could you give us the exact time that you received the email and we’ll see the difference in time between the first and the last to receive it?

Just to add insult to injury they say to keep an eye on your mailbox for more information. Better off keeping an eye on @Lew1994‘s mailbox :rofl:


Recd. email at 14:35 today. Expect it takes many hours for all on the dbase to get an email.

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Irrespective of what we’d like it to be, what do we expect the new arrival to be?

14:35 for me!

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Last time they were announcing a new car there was a lot of talk about the Skoda Enyaq. But who knows!

No email for me yet, but I’m a recent joiner and I got the February newsletter at 19:15.

Will definitely be interested to see what’s coming down the line, if it were ID3 shaped could be potentially quite interesting.

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Why only potentially? :thinking:

Ah sorry, potentially for me personally only!

Almost all my geeking out and research for the last few weeks has been i3 related and I’d expect an ID.3 to be incredibly popular so I’d probably need to commit quickly if I wanted to get one, but VW are a pretty close second to BMW for me in terms of brands I really get along with so I doubt it’d be a hard sell :smiley:

At least with Onto the ability to swap easily and relatively cheaply gives flexibility!

Just as long as there aren’t any announcements tomorrow morning - God I hate “April Fool’s” day


My significant other driver Grandmasuec :older_woman: and I :man_bald:
both received the news letter our inboxes at 19.00.

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Received my newsletter at 18:00 according to the email but sure it didn’t come before 19:00 because I’ve been checking my mailbox regularly for the last few hours! Don’t know why because thanks to @Lew1994 I already knew what it said :rofl:

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Same here. 7PM Exactly.

Interesting to see the pic next to the new car coming is a renault? and when you follow the embedded link takes you home page with a Zoe being driven off illegally. No seat belt being put on by driver. @Carol probably should let marketing know thats not what they should be promoting.

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