New car coming next month

So onto have confirmed a new car coming to the fleet next month what do we think it will be?

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The latest newsletter also mentioned a new version of the FIAT (presumably branded) and an increased reward bonus…but then gave no details. Did I miss something?

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So, assuming it’s not the Fisker - as we know about that anyway - there’s a number of options and we should get speculating now!!


New Kona?

Astra e?



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Not sure what new cars have been released recently unless it’s an old car that they have got some stock of, maybe the id5

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Think the clue is in the fact they said new car not bew manufacturer which they would normally do so I think will be ioniq5 or id5 as I think into have all the cars that each manufacturer they use produces other than id5 or ioniq5

Don’t think it will be the Ioniq 5 as Hyundai only received 175 into Britain last month.
Mocean got 17 for their subscription service.
Don’t think Onto could get anywhere near the £627 a month fee.
Mind you it’s a cracking car and had 12 mile on clock when I picked it up


Ioniq 5 would make sense because the Hyundai Ioniq in the Onto Fleet has been discontinued. However, I am wondering whether it may be the Nissan Ariya or MG4 ?

I was really hoping this was going to be the Fisker Ocean but its been deathly silent on the web forums about what is going on with the first round of deliveries on this.

Not going to get either, I think…

Hyundai, UK supply is severely constrained as someone posted.

Fisker, first batch is US bound, and I have feeling the UK wont see it till Q4 2023

MG have deprioritised fleets, as they make more money from Consumers… so cant see that one coming, unless OntO pay retail for it…

I cant see it been the Nissan for some reason…

Cant think what it will be…

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I’d quite like a Leaf, not sure it would come in cheap enough to be competitive against Nissan’s own deals though.

Only leaves the id5

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Or the 500e La Prima, which is my guess

Not sure as ONTO don’t usually go for the top spec model. Usually the one below.


Would love it to be the Buzz, saw my first one in the wild this morning and its a beaut

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Maybe the new Peugeot e 408 ???


Polestar :see_no_evil:

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Anyone know when it will be? is Mid February?

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Onto just think it’s fun to tease us…. sometimes for as long as possible…. It’s as if they think we’re all sitting here with nothing better to do than drum our fingers, roll our eyes, and think up another ludicrous candidate…

I don’t think it’ll be a MINI… (went to have a nosey around them this morning)… if that’s any help. God! It’s just like Groundhog Day sitting here waiting for the news isn’t it… :roll_eyes:

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February 30th

… sorry couldn’t resist


Pity it’s not a leap year :wink: