New car arriving Wednesday

Hi guys just a few things I want to know if anybody can help my car is due to arrive Wednesday do they knock your door and tell you they have parked it outside? Does it come with a key? Does it come with a charging card?

They probably will knock on your door. Earlier in the day you will get an email from ONTO with a link to the inspection form, and at the appointed hour the car will appear in your app. You may get a call from the delivery driver and you may be able to track him and the car on its way top you.

You will not get a key (unless it is one of the DS3 i think) and you will get a charging card. Don’t let the driver go without giving you the card, they have been known to walk off with them and it is pain to get it back.

Take your time an go around the car carefully photographing front, back, left, right then the wheels and then check carefully for damage and take more photos as needed. You have to load these into the delivery inspection form. If its dark do this the next day in the light and if you find anything later report it via the damage link in the app. I have found the odd chip when I first washed the car a couple of weeks later and then been able to identify it on the delivery photos to prove it was already there.

I hope you enjoy it, I am on my third car from ONTO and it is a good way to try EVs out.


Thank you so much for your help yh its a ds3 can’t wait for it I know its only a subscription but its not to bad I was going to lease on but with insurance and petrol it would of been alot so having this will save me a few bob

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…I didn’t get this!

This does seem to happen quite a bit judging by other threads. Either ring/chat ONTO or if you look a couple of threads back in the help part of the forum the links are posted at the top of the ‘Damage Inspection Link’ thread.

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