New car arriving Wednesday morning

So my new car e-tense is arriving Wednesday between 9-1 do you guys know what time i get a message or anything to say when its on the way etc? Will they guy bringing it have a charging card? Any help will be appreciated

There should be a Polar Plus card in the glovebox, but recently they have been known to have a shortage of these cards at times, so if it is being delivered new, it may be missing to start with. Be sure to do the delivery checklist form and submit all the photos it asks for before driving it, to protect you in case something is missing. (

With a morning delivery you may get told the day before, or it may be on the morning of. You should get a text from Gefco with a tracking link, but if not you should be able to see the location on the Onto app from 9AM if it hasn’t arrived by that point where it will update every 30 minutes or so, once the digital key has been downloaded.

Ok thank you where do you download the key?

Just have the Onto app installed on your phone ready. Log in but leave it at that. Don’t expect any options or even booking information to show up until around 8-9AM on Wednesday morning.

You’ll be prompted when it is time to download a digital key inside the app, it will do that and you’ll then see the options inside the app to connect to the car to lock/unlock, your mileage information and the levels of battery charge remaining. There will also be a link to show the location of your car via Google Maps.


Hi All, I am getting my first onto vehicle in January, I can see that there is a delivery form to complete online (linked in this thread by @Koda) - I presume we also get emailed a copy of that for our own records? Are there any other items that you would add as a delivery checklist that are not part of that online form - or is it all there? Thanks!

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Not as standard no, but you can contact ONTO shortly after submission and ask them to give you a copy.

Just take plenty of photos all round, inside and out. Check very carefully for any damage and report it as soon as possible, keeping all evidence to compare against the condition when you eventually return it back to them. You shouldn’t need them, but it’s best to be prepared just in case. The form that I linked is quite detailed and will ask for photos of each side of the car, each wheel, and a checklist of the equipment that should be included.

Also be sure to get your excess insurance arranged and set to start prior to your subscription starting, if you decide that is something you would like to have.


Cool. Thanks for the tips! Looking forwards to getting cracking. Excess insurance sorted :slight_smile:

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