New booking - No email?

Has the booking process changed in the past few months at all? I previously had a reservation but canceled it at the last minute due to the start of the pandemic, but remember I instantly got a confirmation email after agreeing a day and time.

Today I have been in touch and booked a new ZE50 Delivery. I was told that I would get an E-Mail later today with confirmation and a contract for me to read and digitally sign, at that point my initial payment would be supposedly taken.

We’re now about 5 hours later and outside of regular business hours. Still no email and no payment taken. It was supposed to be arriving on Monday and I am supposed to be returning my long term rental car first thing tomorrow and now renewing now that I am supposed to have confirmed the new Zoe, so I am a little concerned now that I may end up with nothing, and a lot of journeys I am supposed to be making next week.

Is this now standard practice and I will just get the car as was promised on live chat earlier today, or should I be right to be worried that I still have no email?


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There is the out of hours team always available. They can access your account and see what has been done so far, and read any notes left by colleagues. I’d chase them up this evening and see what they say.

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This is the email that I received the day before delivery.

I got an email just like that as soon as I got off the phone with them the first time around to let me know I was due to get the car a week or so later and was expecting to see something similar today. Instead I was told to expect an email with a contract first and then confirmation, something I haven’t heard of before, and right now there is no communication at all.

If I send an E-Mail their way now are they likely to respond in time, or would I have to call now that it’s outside of business hours and going into the weekend?


I think you would be better calling, people have not been getting a response to emails for a while and with it being weekend even more unlikely


I’m not having a good experience calling them either. Still on hold! Is this a regular thing? Am Iikely to be hanging around in the rain for 30+ minutes if/when the app won’t unlock the car?

Oh dear, whenever I’ve needed to ring them they have been very swift in answering.


At this point they’ve managed to outdo TalkTalk customer service with their call wait times now that I’m over a hour!

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Guess who’s still waiting?

I’ve got serious concerns about what would happen if I was locked out now. 90+ minutes on hold to get support really wouldn’t be acceptable.

I’m now set to lose my rental car, and have no guarantee that I’m set to get my Zoe. I have no way of confirming it, nor do I even have any way of cancelling if I wanted to, if they won’t pick up their phone.

I’m stuck in a bad position where there’s a very real possibility that I could be left without a car and not be able to get where I need to be next week.

Come on @Lily_at_Onto sort this out please.

I wonder if you got lost in their telephony system. Seems to be new, with loads of options to select. Bet it’s the same person answering whichever number you choose !

Personally, unless I’m being given a regular update of where I am in the queue, I’d ring off after 10 minutes and re-dial.

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Now I’m even more confused as there weren’t any options for me to press other than new or existing customer. The same as I remember it being before. Then I got thrown straight into hold music that gets very repetitive and annoying after a while. Sadly no indication of where I was in the queue but I would imagine unless we’re in the middle of a national outage and nobody can start their cars that there probably wasn’t a 2 hour long call queue, even if there was only one person on the phones tonight.

I got booted off the call after 1:59:59 - Not sure if that was their phone system kicking me off or if I hit a limit imposed my my phone network. I did try again but after 10 or so minutes realised I was probably in for the same again so just gave up.

Fingers crossed I get a reply to the email I have since tried sending tomorrow to give me an idea of where I stand. I’d like to think that this can be sorted but have to admit I’m starting to lose hope.

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Perhaps you only get all the options during business hours. OOH it’s the same person answering whatever the reason for the call.

With all these extra customers, maybe they need to recruit more customer experience executives !

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Just wondering if you got anywhere with this? I booked a Zoe yesterday afternoon and they said I would get an email in a couple of hours but still haven’t received anything? This is my first subscription so not sure what is normal ? Delivery date is Tuesday 18th

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Hi @Shattell894 - I am pleased to say I have just been on the live chat with Raquel this morning, and within about 10-15 minutes she was able to get it all sorted for me and I now have the confirmation email I was expecting.

There usually isn’t such a delay, and you are definitely supposed to hear back with confirmation (and a contract if you haven’t already signed one) so do get in touch ASAP to confirm with them.

What model and color did you opt for, out of curiosity?


Just a follow up for the experts like @E7EV here - My confirmation says I don’t have any obligation to meet with the delivery driver. Is that indeed the case? I was expecting that I would have had to do a walk around to sign a form regarding the vehicle condition and supplied accesories, though if I don’t have to stay in all day waiting for them to arrive that would be a great help to me, just in case something was to come up on delivery day.


Hi thanks for the info I will try live chat now and see what they say. I’m waiting on an i3 but as my company car went back last week I’ve gone for a Zoe GT line in white for a while until i3 becomes available.


My zoe was dropped off without me knowing and my old zoe taken away. There is an interior light fault I noticed on day 1 but nothing to do with me, shoddy quality control.

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I have also spoken to Raquel and have now received my confirmation (still waiting on a contract to sign but I’m sure that’s on the way now)
Can’t wait for Tuesday. They have confirmed I don’t need to be in as I asked for an afternoon due to work commitments in morning and they said don’t worry it will just be dropped off you don’t need to be there.


The saga continues!
I just got an email with the contract, and it’s incorrect. Wrong car, wrong price, outdated contact details.

Onto/Evezy really aren’t doing so well with my booking here.