New bolt-on: Reduced Damage Excess to £350

Hi all,

As you know, your all-inclusive subscription includes fully comprehensive insurance. We’ve got you covered! But depending on the situation, an excess fee of £1,000 might occur.

We’re always looking for ways to make our service even more hassle-free, so when so many of you requested this, we had to make it happen! You can now reduce your damage excess to £350.

From late next week, you will be able to add this Reduced Damage Excess bolt-on when booking a new car. If you already have a car, you can do it in a few simple steps explained in the link below.

We’re also working on including it in Onto Rewards, so you will be able to claim it with your points, we’ll let you know as soon as we finish setting this up.

To read all about it, click here >

We’d love to hear what you think about this new bolt-on, so if you have a moment, just fill out this survey >



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This quite good!!!

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the other option that other onto members have mentioned cheaper the insurance4carhire thing

Yep £50 a year for ic4u but this is good if you only want car for a month

It does seem a very convoluted process for those of us who don’t need to swap, and a lot of photos…

But good value at £20 per month for the Ioniq

Insurance4carhire costs just under £50 pa. This will cover any excess charge, whether it’s £1000 or £350. So pointless signing up for both.

The only good thing about this new bolt on is that if all car hire excess insurers decide to no longer cover vehicle subscriptions, at least there would be a way of reducing your liability from £1k to £350, albeit for £240 or £360 a year.


I won’t be signing up for it but it’s nice knowing if I4CH ever decide to pull the plug for ONTO we have a backup.


Hmm - not sure what to do. Car due on Tuesday and have been offered chance to sign up to reduced excess now without having to go through the process of sending photos etc in at later date.

Not sure how this works???
Do you mean it says you dont need report damage now?

I love how it say simple process its 19 photographs… thats not simple that’s a process designed to put people off… sorry OntO, but it not a simple process


I’ve just hot my car on Tuesday I also signed up for the other insurance and paid that at just under £50 not sure if I should do this aswell?

I4CH requires you to take out any available collision damage waiver as I read this, I may have interpreted it wrong…

So If I’ve understand stood we either now need to go on the CDW plan or pay for this monthly, bit annoying.

Basically, as I understand it, it’s designed so that people sign up for when booking a car, before they receive it.

They’ve made it possible for people to add it retrospectively (a one off chance with mid November deadline), but then you need to send in all the photos to demonstrate there isn’t already more then £350 worth of damage to the car.

Because I’ve booked already, but not yet received, I can simply tell them if I want to add before the car arrives on Tuesday (touch wood).

After Tuesday, I could still add it, but would need to send in all the photos.


I might just do it as £350 is way better than £1000 and even with the exra 20 it only works out at £240 in a year plus my 50 for the other insurance.

I don’t mind sending pictures as our car is brand new and no damage at all

I’m not sure of the benefit if you have an I4CH policy. Of course, if they stop paying out for Onto, then it’s worth moving to this for sure.


Hope we get clarifcation on this before tuesday as thats when I swap, it’s all a bit confusing to me

Hi, I’ve just tried this for an upcoming swap in November and it ended up issuing a cancellation request which was not what I wanted.
I’m now trying to get in touch with them to ensure my current car or future booking don’t get cancelled, but I wonder if this hadn’t been tested fully before they changed the website.

Aha, just got the email and see what its all about now having looked at the links etc.
Think i will stick with i4ch for now as recently renewed at reduced rate.

:grimacing: I think I’ll hold off for now then!

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I’m not on the CDW plan and have claimed twice before from I4CH, so I can’t imagine you have to use that policy. Therefore, Onto’s regular insurance must include CDW/SLI???

I’m sure I’ve seen forum members requesting the Insurance certificate from Onto before. Maybe someone has the policy info and knows the answer!