New Beta app v3 - Take control of your key and named drivers!

Hi all!

We have just released a new Beta app v3! Our Tech team rebuilt it from the ground up using the latest tech to offer you the best experience. We added new exciting features and we’d love you to test it first!

  • A simplified one-touch lock & unlock with the buttons always visible! No more connect and disconnect buttons with it now automatically done in the background.

  • A new key sharing feature to explicitly share the virtual car key between the subscriber and named drivers. No more confusion or delays if the named driver is connected and then the main driver tries to unlock. This will run smoothly in the background for you! To check who’s holding the key currently, you just need to select the wheel in the main menu.


To download the Beta app simply follow these instructions. It only takes 2 minutes!

For iOS, click here.

For Android, click here

Once installed, the app will open at the login screen. Please log back in to the app to get the key in advance in case you move to a location where internet is unavailable.

Already an Onto Beta user?
For manual or automatic updates, please login back to the app to access your car.

Experiencing problems with the Beta app, or you want to go back to the Onto app?
Just leave the Beta program, uninstall the Onto app and reinstall it. It’s just that simple!

A massive shout out to the Tech Team that worked really hard to improve your experience of driving an Onto car and, of course to you, to help us test and continuously give us feedback to improve the experience for all.

We hope you love these new features as much as we do. Enjoy your ride!


I can only find the 2.1.7 version in the testflight app. Has this not been updated on iOS yet?

I can’t see it in play store either, I’m guessing it’s pending approval from Google/Apple

@lgrok @Kev iOS is now released to beta, Android has also been released but in review by playstore (should not take much time) :slight_smile:


Working in iOS now, just updating :+1:

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Available on TestFlight for me (3.0.0).

Some observations on iPhone 12 Pro Max;

  • Car photo is squished horizontally.
  • ‘left’ should be ‘remaining’ IMO
  • Refresh icon top right is very low res
  • Unable to customise the avatars in Drivers section

Shame the slick interface previewed in the ads last year didn’t make it. Is iOS widget support on the cards?

Both Beta apps are now ready and approved for download!

@Jason thanks for the feedback, I’ll pass it on to our tech team! :smiley:

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Thanks for the feedback @Jason! We’ll have a look at these. Which car model are you currently in that’s showing the distorted image?

In terms of a new look and feel, that’s something we’ll be looking at in the coming months!

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Android Samsung A70. This works great for me and my Named Driver (I don’t call her my Significant Other anymore😂)


I also have a squished car image (Kona here) and have sent a few other comments via the iOS feedback function.

It works though - which is the main thing!

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Would be nice if the image of the car in the app matched the colour of the car that is currently subscribed to by that member.


Think thats a whole database in itself :slight_smile:

I won’t repeat here all the comments I’ve sent in via the feedback function, but the main one is that I think it should say at all times whether the car is currently connected to the app or not.

That would just just avoid a situation like this where you try to unlock when it isn’t connected (without knowing), and then have to wait for it to finish attempting so can you then try again after having moved closer.

Also, the lock/unlock buttons could do with some visual and haptic feedback.

@Ayman_at_Onto are you able to look into this please? I don’t believe the kit is installed, so the lock and unlock shouldn’t work, but the feature menu which interacts with Teslas server without being connected to the car is not working because its not connected to the kit in the car (that isn’t there)

Thanks @Kev - looking at this with the team as we speak


Hi, Oppo phone here, app still doesn’t work with the oppo phone. Was this update supposed to bring in compatibility ???

Unfortunately not @KineticHaze - This is sadly a hardware limitation (and compatibility with the bluetooth module in a number of manufacturer devices) at present, however we’re working with our partners to identify how we can mitigate these issues for future additions to the fleet.


@Kev - Thanks so much for the quick response to this while testing the Beta. We’ll get a new build out as soon as possible (I imagine it’ll be live on the Play Store tomorrow) to update this. In the meantime, if you downgrade to 2.1.7, you’ll be able to make use of the current app features.