New Beta app v3.4.3 (Android) & v3.4.8 (iOS) - Damage reporting just got easier

We’re super excited to share that we’ve upgraded our damage reporting experience, so that it’s easier than ever to report damage to your vehicle from the app.

As well as redesigning the entire damage reporting experience, our Beta app users can now upload multiple images to their damage report (you’re no longer limited to just one photo per report) as well as preview, delete and upload new photos before submitting.


To download the Beta app simply follow these instructions. It only takes 2 minutes!

For iOS, click here.

For Android, click here

Experiencing problems with the Beta app, or do you want to go back to the Onto app?

Just leave the Beta program, uninstall the Onto app and reinstall it. It’s just that simple!

As always, thank you for helping us test and continuously improve the experience for all.


Just noticed a very minor bug in the IOS BETA. Mine shows v3.6.0

I’ve just booked a swap, which doesn’t start till next week. However, my account shows the Zoe, which is my current active subscription, with the cost of the new subscription, which hasn’t started yet.