New Beta app V3.4.0 - Sign up and book a car directly within the app!

Today we have released another exciting update to our Beta app!

  • You’ll find a shiny new sign-up experience where you can now book a car directly within the app
  • If you’ve purchased the £350 damage excess bolt-on when signing up, you’ll now find it sitting in the bolt-ons area of your app
  • If you want to redeem those hard-earned reward points you can now do this easily from the app, without the need to log in again
  • We’ve also given the FAQs section of the app some love to help you find answers to more of your questions, faster


To download the Beta app simply follow these instructions. It only takes 2 minutes!

For iOS, click here.

For Android, click here

Experiencing problems with the Beta app, or if you want to go back to the Onto app?

Just leave the Beta program, uninstall the Onto app and reinstall it. It’s just that simple!

As always, thank you for helping us test and continuously share your feedback to improve the experience for all.


looking wicked @John_at_Onto :slight_smile: :partying_face:


@John_at_Onto does it still allow new users to enter a referral code the animation didn’t show any screen where you could.

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Hi @DavidJL yes the referral code can be added later on in the sign-up flow (which is not in the animation above)!


if i download this app do i delete the existing onto app that i have and use this going forward?


No this is used instead of the Main OntO app.

Be aware its beta, so things may be broken / work as intended. I always warn if you don’t understand Beta apps then don’t install them.