New Beta app V3.3.1 - Refer friends to Onto and spend your reward points, all from the app

Was worth a try… :slight_smile:


Definitely, thanks for the tip :+1:

The only other way is to remove the beta, and install the production version…

Thats how I have to do this stuff at work…

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We’re pleased to say that we’ve now re-enabled the My Account, Rewards and Referral features to the Beta app! Please do get in touch if you have any questions or feedback


Thanks for the update @John_at_Onto Are the names mentioned in the list of referrals genuine, as some that I was expecting to see are missing.


Working perfectly for me, thank you and keep up the great work :slight_smile:


Hi @E7EV , the names reflected in the referrals table will be of users that have been referred, they have an active subscription and their vehicle has been delivered. If you believe some referrals are missing drop me a DM and I can pick this up for you! Thanks


Thanks for the update!! Just updated it, all works. Prices indicated are correct. I was wondering, is it possible to get our hire agreement under my account as well. Also the bolt on option is mentioned in the burger menu and under account. I think having it under my account would be better. Just to consolidate all things related to my account under one menu.

Hi @Pranjal thanks for confirming! In regards to your feature requests, these suggestions have been captured and they were already on our radar so stay tuned :slight_smile:

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The only thing I wasn’t able to do with the app was using points to part pay for the mile pack.

First World problems I know, but if it could be added to the add on menu, that would be awesome.

@John_at_Onto can you explain the date on the referral table, is this the date of the sign-up, the date of the account activation (payment made) or the date of the vehicle delivered?


Hi @Ayman_at_Onto, since taking delivery of my 21 plate Zoe a couple of weeks ago I have noticed a small problem using the app without having the key.

  1. Unlocking and the starting/driving no problem.
  2. When driving finished and in N with parking break on, pressing the engine Start button to turn off gives a message as shown below.

  1. Pressing and holding Start gives the following.

Apart from the strange method and messages all is normal when I lock the car or unlock later to drive again.

I have tried the following to see if it helps.

a) Uninstalled app, rebooted phone, reinstalled the Beta app 3.1.1 (33109). No change.
b) Uninstalled app, rebooted phone, left the Beta program and installed the app 3.1.1 (33104). No change.

My phone is Galaxy S21 5g Ultra with Android 11.

I was using this phone with Beta app on my 70 plate Zoe without the issue.

Lastly, this may or may not be linked, my current Zoe is not recording mileage or battery level in app or mileage on website logon. I have reported this particular issue via email and awaiting resolution.

I have also sent a copy of this app issue via email .:older_man:

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None of this is a fault with your phone or app, don’t worry.

It’s entirely to do with the little computer that Onto install in the car. I don’t know if Onto have installed different hardware, or if Renault have tweaked things in their latest revision of the Zoe. Either way the behaviour isn’t too surprising to me.

One quick question though. When you see this message telling you that the keycard is not present, have you opened the door at any point during that drive since switching the car on? This commonly confuses cars when running with carshare hardware rather than the physical key.

The forced engine stop warning is nothing to worry about especially in an EV. It won’t do the car any harm. It’s just telling you that you forcefully switched the car off against the warning, and now won’t be able to switch it back on again without the key (or re-connecting the app and pressing unlock again)

It would be advisable to just carry and use the keycard at all times. It’s going to be a much better experience overall for yourself.


Thanks @Koda I understand. Thought it was worth flagging to ONTO anyway.:older_man:

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