New Beta app V3.3.1 - Refer friends to Onto and spend your reward points, all from the app

We have just released another exciting update to our Beta app. Today we are bringing you Rewards and Refer a Friend, and we’d love you to experience it first!

  • Referring friends to Onto should be easy and now you can do it directly from the app, as well as keeping track of all your referrals (and crucially when that £50 will land)

  • Now you can keep an eye on your reward points earned directly through the app and choose which bolt-ons to spend your points on

To download the Beta app simply follow these instructions. It only takes 2 minutes!

For iOS, click here.

For Android, click here

Experiencing problems with the Beta app, or if you want to go back to the Onto app?

Just leave the Beta program, uninstall the Onto app and reinstall it. It’s just that simple!

As always, thank you for helping us test and continuously share your feedback to improve the experience for all.


It looks good @Ayman_at_Onto

Logged a usability bug on IOS and Android, and some of the information is wrong in App…

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Thanks @mozzauk ! These have been noted by our mobile team and they’re looking into it.

In terms of the information being “wrong”, feel free to DM me and I can also pass on that feedback.

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Looks good. It’d be great if we could also see how many miles we have banked in different tiers.

Interesting that we can now see names of referred people.

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Thats looking good, now I can claim additional driver reward each month without going to web.

@Ayman_at_Onto any more app updates in pipeline? In particular, I still use it instead of the key (I am old and loose things) so keep it safe etc. It was good to have for recent garage service though. You still likely to do entry and start from app as approaching like the key? Realise not an issue for majority but minority? :older_man:

The non-beta Onto app stopped communicating with the car a long ago and any suggested solution was unsuccessful, so as a last attempt moved to the beta app. Not helping. Made a couple of bug reports for different issues (I wish the heavily discounted monthly fee displayed would be true though :wink:).
The car could be opened and closed by the app, but no confirmation from the car and not refreshing mileage, battery status, and the features unusable.

Having the names of the people who have used your code is such a big help!


Hi @ZWA - That seems like it might be an issue with the hardware in the car if it’s still not refreshing. If you contact our CS team they’ll be sure to have a look into this for you.


I assume this means that some, but not all, of my points expire on 9 Nov?

I’d thought that clicking somewhere might take me to a point statement or something…

I think they expire after 12 months, but can’t see when I earned them!

Or does it mean the booking is valid until 9 Nov? (My next renewal.)

I assume it’s this as mine say’s 29th which is the date of my swap.


Also the car prices indicated seem to be wrong on the beta app or am I missing something?

Thanks all!

Some known issues:

  • Price appearing as ex-VAT
  • Content updates required to help understand differentiation between points & current subscription
  • A small number of ongoing referrals aren’t being shown until after they’ve been paid

We’re looking into all of the above at the moment.

@Grandadgeorgec - we’re continuing to build out our Mobile team here at Onto, so expect more frequent updates into next year! In terms of the handsfree unlock, we may look into this again in the future if we can find more reliable hardware, but that is on-hold for now.


Hi @Ayman_at_Onto

As the Beta version been reverted as on both IOS and Android, i can no longer see " My Account or the My Invite" option…


You’re a few minutes ahead of me @mozzauk !

We’ve decided to disable My Account for the weekend in the Beta while we update the subscription data with VAT added. You’ll hopefully see that again early next week!


I don’t even have a subscription according to the app, shame my bank doesn’t see it that way :joy::see_no_evil:

The other features work, miles, SoC etc

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I’m getting the same thing too :rofl:

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@Rucket @Kev

Have you tried logging out of the app and back in? As I have found that fixes the app sometimes …


Just tried after reading your suggestion - hasn’t made any difference - maybe it’s still being worked on :eyes:

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