New Beta app V3.3.0 - We are making mileage bolt-ons more accessible to you!

Hi all!

We have just released a new Beta app v3.3.0! Our Tech team keeps working hard to make your experience with Onto as seamless as possible. This time they’re tackling bolt-ons, and we’d love you to test it first!

  • You can now view, add or remove mileage bolt-ons through the app. No more need to contact Customer Service or do this from My Account. Now it all sits within the app.


  • Your named drivers will be able to view the bolt-ons as well, so everyone can keep track of the mileage.

To download the Beta app simply follow these instructions. It only takes 2 minutes!

For iOS, click here.

For Android, click here

Once installed, the app will open at the login screen. Please log back into the app and re-add the car key in case you move to a location where the internet is unavailable.

Already an Onto Beta user?

For manual or automatic updates, please log back in to the app to access your car.

Experiencing problems with the Beta app, or if you want to go back to the Onto app?

Just leave the Beta program, uninstall the Onto app and reinstall it. It’s just that simple!

As always, thank you for helping us test and continuously share your feedback to improve the experience for all.


Been having a look already and it looks good :slight_smile:

I dont need a bolt-on (yet) but the user journey looks nice and fluid and very clear…


Works perfectly for me; it shows both my current and recurring 750 mile bolt on as it should. A very useful feature for those with varying requirements!


Hopefully you guys can make it easier for existing customers to reserve a vehicle with a click of a button, then the formalities of the swap could be sorted out afterwards, considering that car availability is painful at the moment.

Earlier I saw a Kona available for a close delivery date (need the range and heated seats for winter) but of course by the time i got in touch it was long gone

Superb improvement (a win-win as hopefully fewer interactions with customer service :wink: ), but it would be better if the mileage tracking is working reliably in the first place. The previous car stopped responding to app connection attempts 1st of September totally, current car sometimes could be opened or closed from the app along with an error message ‘no confirmation from the car please refresh’ but nothing changes. No mileage or battery info, no features, usual black magic with logout, reinstall, etc. not helping.
Is the usage of the Onto Points implemented too for this feature (along with the very useful information of the validity of the points…)?

Well for me the app no longer works at all

Can we please try and keep this to the Beta version that has been released and not mix it up with wish list items

@Ben_at_Onto Logged a bug with the new beta version, via testflight as the location was not updating and still showed as Gefco Bristol, after 2 or 3 log outs, only when I logged back into the Android Beta version did it finally kick in with the correct location on IOS

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Thanks to everyone for the feedback and feature requests. While I’m not going to talk in any detail about our future roadmap and when they will be released, all of the items mentioned are very much either in consideration or some even in build.

Thank you also for the bug reports - we will look into addressing these.

To provide some clarity on the issues reported around mileage / SoC issues. These issues are with the hardware that we have in our vehicles and we’re actively working to address these. These issues can often be just that a single box has stopped functioning correctly, so please always call or email the team and they will look to fix this for you.

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It’s worth noting that the dates on the availability checker are not always an accurate representation of swap availability, the logistics can be different - a good example is my recent swap on the form it was showing 16th I rang up they couldn’t get the car to me on the 16th but could 4 days earlier on 12th (it wasn’t even an option on the form)