Never ending wait list for i3’s

There’s over 50 people waiting for i3’s
And Evezy continue to take new orders.
Are we hoping 50+ subscribers swap to Tesla’s or have Evezy ordered 50+ new i3’s on the 20 plate?

Evezy can I get a straight answer here please?

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Hi @Pinky_Ponk

Absolutely, we are receiving new i3’s every month and this will be scaling up throughout 2020. Starting in March, we expect our waiting times to reduce dramatically!


Hi Lily,

I saw some people posting positions of the waitlists for cars… where can I find out my position? On the list for an i3 or a Leaf.

What is the fastest moving waitlist?

Thanks :blush:


Hi @Baroque_Badger you need to mention @Lily_at_Evezy in the mesg. so that she will get notified you have referenced something for her attention. Use the @ key then type lily and it will appear, so just select it.



Thanks, I hit reply so didn’t think about that! :nerd_face:

Hey @Baroque_Badger, here are your positions:
Bmw i3 - 130
Nissan Leaf - 67

We send an email update with your position at the end of every month :slight_smile:

It’s hard to say which is the fastest moving waiting list, as at the moment it depends on the cars we have coming back when people cancel their subscriptions. However, we are receiving a lot of brand new Zoe’s ZE50 at the end of July, so I’d say that will be the fastest moving waiting list in the short term!

If you have any other questions please do let me know.

@Lily_at_Evezy :scream:

Pleased to see you have a lot of interest, just wish I was near the top of the list :blush:

I have asked to be added to the Zoe lists too.


I think perhaps I was just lucky only subscribed April and was told could have a Zoe immediately. Think perhaps it was just after lockdown so loads of people had handed cars back.


I’m currently in an i3 and position 1 for Nissan Leaf and the Hyundai Ioniq.

I’m hoping one will get handed back when the Zoe’s are handed out.


Which of the two would you prefer?

My priority changed for bigger boot space during lockdown. I would like to go camping more rather than getting on a plane and going to Spain frequently.

The leaf offers the best boot space but I prefer the features of the Ioniq, although the Ioniqs boot space isn’t much bigger than a Renault Zoe.

I absolutely love the BMW and don’t really want to change it, but my wife already drives a small car and doesn’t want a bigger one, so it makes sense that I swap to something else.

I hope Evezy get some BMW ix3’s and that the price isn’t too crazy when those release.

Although I’d be happy with a 2008, e Niro or Kona EV too.


There’s a rumour that one of the three yet to be announced new additions to the fleet is very closely related to the e-2008. Check for emails from evezy regularly so you’re ready to press the reserve button before the waitlist gets too long.

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I have Evezy on my phones VIP list as I’m worried about missing an Ioniq or Leaf when they come up.

Had a call about a Zoe GT line last night but now there’s a charge for a swap point I will just keep the BMW and wait.

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Thats strange as I have been position 1 for a Leaf since 9 April 2019. @Lily_at_Evezy can you confirm accurate positions?

Interesting… I joined the queue in April 2019 too.

My latest email said position 1 and I confirmed it on Wednesday with a call to someone.

Would be great to get a clear answer.

You’ve heard of job share…

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Long as I get to pick the music.


Hi there, I’ve just joined the community (and the waiting lists two weeks ago) waiting out on either i3 or SR+ - my first EV experience! It’s probably fair to guess that I might get an i3 in the next couple of months, but face a much longer wait for a Tesla - so will probably have an i3 for a year or so while I wait? It’s a really interesting model this subscription lark!

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@Lily_at_Evezy Please may we have a response?

Hi @Jlect, I’ll look into it and let you know :slight_smile:

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