Negative miles

Was greeted with this on my 30th day with Zoe:

I am hoping it’s some sort of temporary bug in the app as I am just about to roll into next month from 12 Sept. If anything, I should be about 200 Miles in credit, as I bought +500 addon this month. It looks like it’s ignoring those added miles.

It still let me unlock and drive the car. Will contact onto if it doesn’t fix itself tomorrow.

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To be honest you’re better off using the trip meter, or even your brain! Much more reliable than the mileage shown on the app. It used to be very accurate, but at the moment it thinks it’s a yo-yo :rofl:


Duly noted! YO-YO :joy:

New day, new allowance


I had the same problem had to ring them and it took a couple of days for them to get the app to update with my mileage pack. It hadn’t added on so it’s work checking with them on chat.