Need To Charge

So on a road trip yesterday I stopped for a little top up and came across Need To Charge… Its a great idea! If someone is charging and not in their car you can contact them to find out when they will be finished!

It’s a good idea in theory but it’s not the first attempt. We’ve had things like ChargeBump for years. I got a notification once in all my time using it. Very few people probably use it in reality.

Plus its another app. The last thing an EV driver wants is another app! (I realise that I’m posting this in the forum for a service that provides you with a car that you have to unlock using an app, yes)


Like @Koda I’m a little sceptical of the usefulness of this in the real world. On the occasions where I’ve felt the need to leave my number in the windscreen, no one has ever contacted me.

I’m trying to think in what situations that this would be useful. If you respect the rules and etiquette at chargers, this idea isn’t necessary for you. If you don’t then you’re hardly likely to sign up to this service.

It’s a bit like the rule of not riding your bike in the park. Those that adhere to this rule would probably ride responsibly anyway, and those that don’t are the ones that cause the issues. So the rule is pointless.

Nice idea. I’ve spotted on Zap-Map and Plugshare that sometimes people leave comments to the effect of ‘message me if you need to charge’. It’d be great to know how popular each platform is so I can pick which one to post a ‘need’ message on!

The only time I have done something like this, is when I left note on a charging uint for the current user to please send me a text when they finished so I can pop back to put mine on charge (I was quite desperate). And to their credit shortly after they did.

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