Need advice regarding excess cover insurance for repair work

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You might remember a post that I published regarding a collision with a cyclist last month which resulted in the driver door mirror completely smashed off.

Anyway, I claimed on the zurich insurance the next day and paid the £1,000 excess to Onto a few days later.

However, Onto decided to take the car back and cancel my account before the insurance came to collect it. (Thanks Onto, you saved me the constant worry of future excess costs, penalties and rising energy costs), I’ve been fortunate enough to purchase an electric car outright).

Now I’ve received the damage report with an invoice for £1,000 which includes the damaged door mirror, dents from the bicycle and wheel scuffs. They demanded £1k by 19th July, I replied back saying £1,000 excess was paid on 1st June and they need to use that, they replied to say they will get in touch with the other Onto department but I haven’t heard back. Basically, they didn’t go ahead with the zurich accident claim initially and instead started the repair work via their own route.

So, am I able to claim back this £1,000 from the excess cover insurance (insurance4carhire) without an insurance claim? The claim form requires accident/claim ref etc. I’m a little bit confused, any advice would be very appreciated.

@BenR_at_Onto is this an issue you are able to look at, or is someone else at Onto, if so please flag them.

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Hey there,

Thank you @burnt_crisps2 for tagging me!

I sure can, I am on leave today, however, I’ll be returning Wednesday :blush:

Could you please email [email protected] and ask for me directly (Ben Ryan) I’ll have a look into this for you and see what I can dig out. Should have it sorted within 24 hours :raised_hands:


Why did they cancel your account?

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A bit of fast acceleration at the lights, a few miles over 20mph speed limit. It’s difficult driving at the speed limit when everyone tailgates or overtakes, even the police.

Moreover, Onto are absolute thieves. Paid £1k excess but they want an extra 1k because wheel scuff wasn’t mentioned in the insurance claim. For the insurance claim of that cyclist collision, I didn’t know whether I should’ve added wheel scuffs that happened weeks ago.

Was this actually noted as the reason? Surprised they look into the telemetry in such depth.

I am sure that I have read on here that they don’t.

Adam specifically mentioned that alloy kerbing shouldn’t be subject to the excess unless there is “other related damage”. From what you say, there shouldn’t be “other related damage” because the other damage should be covered under the existing £1000 excess.

I suggest you get this clarified because it may be a genuine mistale by somebody who hasn’t tied it all together.


" Onto may use telematics to track certain aspects of driving behaviour. This information will be used to allocate a Driver with a score (“Driver Score”). A poor Driver Score may trigger a further investigation into a Driver’s driving behaviour and treatment of an Onto vehicle. See the section on Driver Performance in the section below."

“3. Onto, upon written notice to the Driver, acting reasonably, may also terminate this Registration Agreement should the Driver engage in any conduct or activity that Onto deems inappropriate, negligent, offensive, abusive or otherwise unacceptable and for poor Driver performance”

From Onto - Terms & Conditions

Interestingly, Elmo show you your driver score, telematics etc. I’m not convinced how accurate it is though. They USED to have a “Driver of the Month” but they very quickly stopped it after some users reported it was a weird thing to do.

I use cruise control set to an indicated 21-22mph in 20 zones (i.e. a real 20mph in the Zoe) to stop myself from subconsciously easing on to the accelerator. I agree that there is a ridiculous amount of aggressive driving in 20 zones; I swear people think I “only” drive at the limit to annoy them.


They didn’t mention the reason in detail, just that I violated their agreement terms. They would have never checked the driving data if I hadn’t eported an accident. I didn’t accelerate fast all the time but it was a little addictive and I never surpassed 40mph as there was twin yellow speeding camera’s ahead, and I never needed to hit the brakes thanks to regen braking.

Always had the speed limiter on, it was impossible sticking to 20mph. Always kept to 30mph speed limits, 20mph is pointless especially on Marylebone road, it was 40mph, then 30mph and now 20mph.

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The same goes with my own EV now, drivers behind me think I’m doing it on purpose. There’s only so many times that I can pull over and let them get ahead, otherwise I mainly take shortcuts via residential streets, and only then I never go over 20, a child or even a cat crossing the street could cause mayhem.

Even London buses get annoyed and beep :woman_shrugging:t2: Although, I’m trying to find out whether the brake light displays when the regen braking activates. I too would be annoyed with a car in front who’s constantly braking with nothing in front of them :rofl:

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I applied to Elmo straight after, they assigned me to a Fiat 500e with the number plate showing. Declined me 2 days later. Got finance on a new EV and paid that off within the month. Now, I’ve received a PCN letter to my email inbox stating that I entered the yellow box in Edgware Road :man_facepalming:t2: My email address is assigned to the new driver, if Elmo can’t get that right, how are they going to track thousands of drivers who might violate their agreement terms. I mean it took 8 months for Onto to realise what I was doing.

@thundertim correct for things like kerbing alloy’s we don’t charge excess its charged at turnaround but if there was an accident then the damage excess of £1000 is payable (especially where 3rd parties are involved).

Because my telematics box with Elmo is assigned to my email address at the start of the subscription. My car was replaced and the Telematics updated. Like Onto were, they are in a huge growth period. Do either get everything right all the time? No.

Their (website) Dashboard gives the Onto (app) provision a run for its money. I can see my lifetime and monthly driving score and where it’s reported it wasn’t great, but I also get an overall, monthly, daily and even per journey update on how far I’ve driven the car.

No app to show the Car’s battery percentage but I can just use the Renault app. I don’t even particularly need that, I could just walk outside and look at the dashboard, but I am lazy so there we go.


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