MyRenault App on a evezy's ZE40

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I will be receiving my ZE40 at the end of the month hopefully, I was wondering if we can use MyRenault App with Evezy’s ZE40s and what are the capabilities of such case.

Can we use the app to check battery status, location, control heating etc?


Maybe you have seen the answer from @E7EV on speakev…

does the ZE40 from evezy allow you to use Renault’s app?
Yes. You just need the VIN to get partial access to features and a code from Renault to get full access. Not sure if evezy have to ask for this or if you can get it yourself.

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Thanks for that, I did indeed. (I asked myself)
however here is evezy’s own forum so I thought people would also be interested in knowing, plus they also might be able to reply quicker.

If anyone knows in particular, what are those partial features?

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Vehicle details, including VIN and registration number.

Service schedule.

Warranty details.

Vehicle location.

Not much of any great interest. I never bothered getting the code. I just downloaded the app to be ready for when I get a ZE50. With the new Zoe, you can pair the vehicle to the app yourself using the infotainment system.

Don’t forget that the evezy app shows you SoC of the vehicle and you can monitor this during charging so that you can return to the car when it’s finished. (Over the air)

The feature button on the evezy app either preconditions the car for 10 minutes or opens the charge flap. (Bluetooth, not over the air). It differs depending how it was set up originally. Both my Zoes preconditioned, which I found useful.

You can also schedule preconditioning in the car. You select what time you want to use the vehicle, and select the temperature on the climate control. The vehicle will then condition the cabin to that temperature for when you arrive. The car has to be plugged in for this to work.

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Once you have My Renault set up, I recommend using Zeddy as the main app.


Can you tell us more about this app?

I tried that other app, is giving an error when I try to log in. I will try it again when ZOE arrives.

Is it better or just different that MyRenault?

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Clean, fast and uncluttered interface. All the main functions you would need in once place. Current charge stats and charge history. iOS integration with home screen Widget and Siri support.

It’s all on the App Store description and screenshots.

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Not really much point, doesn’t really do anything that Evezy doesn’t do.