MYBMW APP- i3- removing a car

I have finally got an i3 back and use the BMW app as it has better control and reporting on the car.
Only problem is I can still see the car I had a year ago, I get notifications when it’s charging and everything.
Can’t see how yo remove, any ideas??

Can’t remember exactly but have a feeling I deleted the app and then re-installed and it setup as first time.

I know that I did remove my i3 from the app. Just can’t remember how!

My old one has finally gone off my app I couldn’t delete it but I have another bmw so didn’t want to mess, with app

As soon as someone else registers it automatically de-registers you anyway so I shouldn’t worry too much. I just made sure to delete profiles in the car and wipe sat Nav destinations etc. So as far as I know when you add the new one it will nuke the other one?

Actually just saw this. I delete the app so I can’t check it!