My Zoe appears to be at Sheerness Docks

I was told it was to be a used R135 Gt, however my pm delivery appears to show car at Sheerness Docks…dare I believe it may be a new import or are the compounds simply used for local storage by ‘moveecar’

If you’ve got the tracking link then presumably you have the reg - does that suggest it’s brand new or an older plate?

Our 21mo old i3 came from Gefco Sheerness, but not sure if you’re specifically talking aboutsomewhere else.

Gefco have a location at Sheerness so it likely is used. New ones tend to come from BCA locations instead.

Once the car appears in the app you should be able to see the license plate at the top of your screen, which will help you work out the age of the vehicle. That should show up in the app and website in 8 minutes time from now.

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it would appear to be just a Gefco depot…

still not shown as moved Gefco /Moveecar said delivery started 11.35

No registration on Web routemap or Onto App

Presuming used and deliver c 4 hrs

If you booked for a PM delivery (1300-1700hrs) today then your Registration should show on the Onto app (and in the my account part of your website) at 12:30 (i.e. already) :thinking:

not yet in Onto App - only moveecar/Gefco Web map fingy…few hrs yet as not moved since 11.35 ‘start’

hey…map updated, Zoe’s got her running shoes on - now just south of Cambridge :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Any tips on detailed checks / hand over procedure?

I have in mind just to walk around + check door and boot shuts + dashboard & obvious trim for marks?

Photo and video everything in and out. If its used car be especially conscientious. Let ONTO know immediately if not happy with any issue by email for records. Then sit back, play, enjoy and once not driving an ice cold refreshment of some kind. Happy days👴


Car reg now on onto account, 10 mths old so not bad :slight_smile:

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Check 3 charging cards, granny charger, type 2 charging cable. Mine was missing firstt aid kit but was told on chat no longer included, saved transcript just in case. Photo dash and mileage on delivery, extra careful with alloy wheel inspections. My first delivery last year involved an online form checklist but after swap no form just told to put lots of picks on damage report option via app. Not sure if even that is still applicable. Sure someone will update you. :older_man:

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thzx all for your help - she is here! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

9 mths old and only 5k miles - mint! :slight_smile:
Filled out the online delivery form with photos

quick snack and then I am taking her out and show her the local countryside :slight_smile:


Yeah mine often says Tilbury Docks Hyundai if I haven’t got the key activated. :joy::joy::joy: meh. I know where it is. It’s outside my house…. Not losing sleep over it.

…but do you…?! - Maybe all the EVs go off for a ‘Juice Up’ together when their pets are asleep… :wink:

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