My unexpected return to ONTO

So, 51 weeks after leaving ONTO as I purchased a Tesla Model 3 SR+, I have returned to ONTO.

In a weird car market, my Tesla was sold to Motorway for £3500 more than I brought it new for last September with 19500 miles on the clock.

Basically, I’ve had a year of free motoring in a rapid Tesla!

I’m back and in a lovely Audi Q4 etron, feels so slow compared to the Tesla but super comfy. Also it doesn’t feel like and seem like every other driver on the road wants to race every 2 minutes which makes driving much more relaxing.

Although I am going to miss the Tesla, I’m happy to be back as an ONTO customer, I’m excited to see what the new car joining the fleet will be and excited for the Fisker!!


You didn’t think of getting a Tesla from ONTO instead of the Audi?


There aren’t any available from what I can see! I’m not sure what the car availability has been like but there still seems to be a lack of availability of some cars (DS3/ID.3/ID.4/Tesla)

If they have a Tesla, I may swap :arrows_counterclockwise:

I also haven’t seen an Audi Q4 available since I got mine!

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There’s one available in Cardiff & surrounding areas in silver. I contemplated a swap there (from a Zoe).

I’m settled with the Zoe until a Model 3 SR+ or a Q4 pops up.