My Renault App Pre Conditioning

Hi all please see the phone screen shot below. The app is all connected ok now but you will notice no preconditioning button to press and only showing the correct mileage nothing else. Anyone got any ideas?

I have just done a vehicle swap from an Iconic 70 Plate on which everything worked. New car is a 70 Plate GT line built in June this year

I have tried 2 different phones, disconnecting and re adding the vehicle following uninstall of app on both phones. Same result each time.

Is it a time thing where it will start to function correctly in a day or so?

Any help appreciated

My GT Line was like this too (March 2020 build date). May need a visit to a dealer for a software update. Ring your local dealer giving the VIN or registration number and they should be able to tell you what is needed to get it working.

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Thanks as usual E7EV for your advice I guessed that would be the answer based on previous posts by you and others. Just to confirm yor app was missing the preconditioning button not just sn error message?

On my 20 Plate ZE50 the button was there, it wasn’t even greyed out. You could press it but the car just wouldn’t act upon it. Also the app worked straight away, no waiting for all the features. Within seconds of accepting the pairing request inside the car the app was fully set up.

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If you check “my contracts” do you have all the connected services active? I wonder if that’s the issue here.

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Ahh Koda I think you have hit the nail on the head. Please see the attached screen shot which, shows 2 Packs as Pending. I wonder if all will be well given time or maybe a call to Renault Customer Services?

If it just arrived today give it overnight and see if it is any better tomorrow. If not it won’t hurt to ask someone. I don’t know if Renault will discuss with you or if ONTO would have to do this on your behalf since it belongs to them. I believe the contracts are attached to the vehicle itself rather than your Renault account.

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Yes agreed and will do. I think this is more than likely the root cause as against the module or zoe software problem that E7EV experienced (well I hope it is to save on frusyrating dealership visit. At least I havnt got a craky boot or dodgy door seals. It arrived yeasterday by the way as an upgrade and pleaeds to report it all went very well. Was v nervous having read other posts about swaps etc. Was very careful to record the whole event for reference just in case something spurios pops up later. I do have the excess policy talked about on here.


Made contact this morning with Renault having found a web page devoted to Connected Services and a phone number as well as online chat. Used the phone and spoke immediately to a very knowledgeable guy who logged onto my Renault account and could see the 2 contracts showing pending. He confirmed it can take up to 72 hours (so I am about half way now) for all the contracts to be come active on occasions. I have his contact details and he has mine and will phone with updates and take further escalating action post 72 hours if required. Looking good but we all know these things can degrade pretty quickly despite the promising start. Will post final outcome eventually.


I’ve always found the customer service at Renault to be quite good, in the past once a person has ‘claimed’ my case, they tend to keep contacting you until it’s resolved. Refreshing to have a bit of continuity!


Thanks for the positive responce its comforting to know

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Latest Update
One of the two remaining contracts went Active today which has updated the app screen with some more detail, &2 hours is up tomorrow so I am expecting the last contract to be active soon. So the answer is just wait in this case.

See screen shots below for guidance for any new Zoe users who may experience this in the future.

The Renault guy was as good as his word and did ring me to confirm one of the contravtd had gone active and that the other should no follow soon. He also again promised to keep a further eye on it. Very impressed with the service.

Thanks once again for the advice provided. I will issue a final update when and if completely resolved.


Interestingly I get a prompt explaining the delay when trying to link my new car to the app. Its odd that you didn’t get this.

Yes I remember seeing that on both my previous Zoe Iconic and this GT line. However, on both occasions the app showed as connected within the hour. As the app was showing connected for the GT Line, I assumed all was OK. I was unaware that its possible for it to only partially connect with some of the contracts still outstanding, as in my case. I did not think to look at the contracts section on the app until prompted by your good self. Thanks once again

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Final Post and Update on this Matter

The final contract activated late this afternoon. The app was now showing all the options previously missing. However, there was no data being displayed and the Launch option would not respond. Gave it a few more hours, did the usual uninstall/reinstall app but did not help. Decided to Disconnect my car from My Renault Account then re add it. That did it.

Everything is now displayed and accessible. Pre-conditioning works instantly with a green notification of success displayed on app.

Moral of the story if it says it can take 72 hours then it can take 72 hours.

Thanks again all.


Initially thought you were getting your coat and leaving the forum for good :wink:

No chance E7EV, I am sure I will need other help over time and you never know be able to help others. Enjoyed the Braintree Charging station posts so will be going for a look see soon. :older_man:

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