My Renault app pairing

Hi just wondering if anyone knows what could be causing the attached error when I try to pair the Zoe with the my Renault app?

That.looks like a Renault server back office issue, I think.
The whole Renault stuff was down the other day as I tried to precondition and nothing worked on the app or the website, couldn’t actually login. Twas next day before it was running again.

Might be related, but could be the car is not in a good signal position.
Might be worth trying again when parked somewhere else.

Some other questions. Is this a brand new Zoe, or has a previous subscriber been using it?
If brand new then should be ok to do, but if a previous subscriber has already paired the car, then suspect it fails, but you would hope that it tells you that as an error :wink:

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Hi thanks for the quick response, unfortunately it’s been doing this for several months, any idea how I would go ahead unpairing the car to the previous subscriber?


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You’ll need to contact Onto as they will need to get Renault to do this. If phones are busy just use the chat feature.

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That was the case on the ZE20/ZE40. But the ZE50 doesn’t need that. All you have to do is factory reset the infotainment system and that will unpair the car from any previous user account.

If it still doesn’t work after that, then it would be a case of contacting Renault as the SIM card was probably never registered, or has become inactive.

@ash104 - You mention it’s been a thing for several months, as well as being with a previous subscriber. Is this a 20 Plate car? If so, you’re also likely going to need to get it booked in at a Renault dealership to get the media unit replaced under warranty. App communications and preconditioning didn’t work on the first few batches of these cars to join the fleet… Or just sit tight and wait for the recall email as many have been pulled from the fleet already and the remainder will leave soon I imagine. They’d swap you into a newer car for free.


I thought you had to ‘delete’ the vehicle from within the app, as presumably the back office will still be associated to the car via the VIN, especially if a previous subscriber has not reset everything before handing back. It would be good if a user could unlock the app connection simply from the car, but I am guessing some manufs don’t allow this as it’s more secure for owners.

Most other brands don’t make it so simple. But with the Renault ZE50 it really is that easy. It removes the account pairing with a simple factory reset. That lets a new user add the VIN to their app and when they do that it removes it from the previous user’s ‘garage’ on My Renault too.

Doing it this way can reintroduce the 72 hour delay in re-activation compared to the previous user deleting it which is usually instantaneous. But still a fairly easy solution.


You live and learn :slight_smile:

Renault — “Vive la Difference.”

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