My OntO journey is coming to an end

It looks like my OntO journey is coming to an end Mid January, as my new P*2 LRSM is due to be delivered, as I now have my registration number for the car, and the boat it’s on docks on Christmas Day…

The boss has already named the P*2 , and we have all the stuff for it already :slight_smile: I really am like a kid at Christmas :slight_smile:

I have loved the OntO service and cant fault the customer services or the service, and have managed to get hooked on EV’s and become and evangelist for EV’s and I still think OntO is a good gateway drug into them.

I started with an Ioniq, which is a brilliant car, had both ID.3’s and a Mokka, only the Mokka Disappointed me, but think it can be fixed by software. …

I think todays price increase are a lot to take in, and some of the decisions are a bit odd, for 80% of the UK…


As well as test driving last month, you (and the announcement, I suppose) even got me looking at Poley pricing today.

My journey has been similar in including Ioniq and Mokky…. and Onto is certainly the greatest introduction and softest of landings into the EV world…. So I really wish you all the best with the Polestar!!! I think that’s a fabulous choice :+1::+1:


The only thing to remember about Polestar (or Pornstar / Poledancer)… is the waiting time is currently between 4 and 6 months, I ordered mine in June, and tried to change to a pre configured car but my deal is too good :slight_smile:

I cant wait, to jump in mine… will share some Photos when it arrives :slight_smile:

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Good to see the boss is sorting the important stuff out and hopefully is as excited as you too.
Don’t forget we all want an update on this forum and some pics once you get your Xmas present :gift: and trust it’s delivered with a big red bow tied round it :blush:

She just fains interest in me been like an excited child, lol

Ill still be around, and will share photos and my experiences… :slight_smile: Elli and Octopus Electro Universe is all setup and ready to go, as well as an emergence Shell Recharge account :slight_smile:


Sounds incredibly familiar.

Highest level of excitement was the other day when an unknown fellow shopper approached her in the supermarket car park to declare what a wonderful colour “her” car was…. :man_shrugging::face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy:


Got glared at today by the boss, as got a delivery date for the P*2 the 13th January, so the same date as I was planning for the ID.3 to go back…

So I can start shopping on the P*2’s own Amazon wishlist lol


The analogy of ONTO as a gateway drug is an excellent one!

Enjoy the Polestar when it arrives, a superb car.


Well today was the day…

The ID.3 has gone back and my EV journey with OntO is officially over, cant fault the service, and the support has been excellent.

But now I have a new love, and I am like a kid at christmas, as Jolteon has arrived aka the P*2

She is awesome…


Enjoy, P*2 is a great car. :+1:

Big car, looks great, just get rid of that sticker though

Lol, it might fall off but it’s a new lease car so have to be good for a while :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Cool… literally….



Such a comfortable and capable car. One of my more memorable recent test drives was in one.