My New Zoe GT Line is being delivered in the dark

I would like to know what to check for and where I stand in relation to any marks or damage on the vehicle. It has been transported from Manchester and it will now arrive after the delivery time of - current estimate 19.45 and it’s dark, and torrential rain. - where do I stand with Onto in relation to any marks on handover as your excess is £1000, clearly it is impossible to check?

Have a good check tomorrow morning, and if you find anything then report it straight away. Explain that you weren’t able to examine the vehicle when it was delivered due to the darkness. ONTO are a reasonable company and are not trying to unfairly make extra money out of customers. Their margins are tight so they have to maintain the condition of the vehicle to maximise resale value when they come to sell it.


There’s nothing to say you have to do any of the handover activities on the spot. Two of the three deliveries I have had the driver just parked the car in front of the house and walked away ( the last time at 23.15). I did the photos the following morning and for all three cars I have reported damage over the following couple of weeks. It’s not usually until you clean it that you notice some things and it’s easy to tie these up to the photos on delivery if you took your time over them.


I was told to upload any marks/ damage within 24 hours, however there doesn’t seem to be a set rule. Any reasonable time should be ok.

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