Mustang Mach-E

Adding this car to the service would be a great addition and alternative to Model 3 which is in high demand / waitlist.


Love the look of this car, would be great to see it on Onto.

Yeah I mentioned this before however on the survey I don’t think it was high up on the list of cars wanted by members. However that may have changed…. I’d expect a Mach e to command a price of £699+ I’m sure @E7EV has all the lowdown on that survey.

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My Survey said:

4th place at 30% after 82 votes.

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Seeing as the e-2008 came in at 7th place, who knows what will happen 🤷

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Unless it was a ridiculous price, I’d jump on the Mach E straight away.

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The list price for the standard range is basically the same as the Model 3 SR+ so I’d expect roughly the same monthly price, most definitely £700+ I think.

However, when you look at the p11d price for the Kona it’s not all that different.

Kona Ultimate 64kWh - £40,320.00
Mustang Mach E - £41,275
Tesla Model 3 - £43,490

Prices vary on different sites so I’m not sure of the exact current prices but £210 a month between the Kona and Model 3 isn’t a straight translation of the list price. I think it all depends on the deal ONTO get.

EDIT - also remember when ONTO first had Model 3 Standard range they were listed at £599 a month.


My friend just took delivery of his Mach-E today. Can’t wait to have a go in it! Looks an absolute beast.

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Remember that the ONTO fleet insurance will not cover you to drive your friend’s Mach-E :wink:

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I wouldn’t be relying on onto insurance, obviously