Mustang Mach-E

Adding this car to the service would be a great addition and alternative to Model 3 which is in high demand / waitlist.


Love the look of this car, would be great to see it on Onto.

Yeah I mentioned this before however on the survey I don’t think it was high up on the list of cars wanted by members. However that may have changed…. I’d expect a Mach e to command a price of £699+ I’m sure @E7EV has all the lowdown on that survey.

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My Survey said:

4th place at 30% after 82 votes.

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Seeing as the e-2008 came in at 7th place, who knows what will happen 🤷

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Unless it was a ridiculous price, I’d jump on the Mach E straight away.

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The list price for the standard range is basically the same as the Model 3 SR+ so I’d expect roughly the same monthly price, most definitely £700+ I think.

However, when you look at the p11d price for the Kona it’s not all that different.

Kona Ultimate 64kWh - £40,320.00
Mustang Mach E - £41,275
Tesla Model 3 - £43,490

Prices vary on different sites so I’m not sure of the exact current prices but £210 a month between the Kona and Model 3 isn’t a straight translation of the list price. I think it all depends on the deal ONTO get.

EDIT - also remember when ONTO first had Model 3 Standard range they were listed at £599 a month.


My friend just took delivery of his Mach-E today. Can’t wait to have a go in it! Looks an absolute beast.

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Remember that the ONTO fleet insurance will not cover you to drive your friend’s Mach-E :wink:

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I wouldn’t be relying on onto insurance, obviously

Managed to get a quick test drive in a Mach-e this morning. AWD version with technology pack.
I say quick, it was pretty much a drive round the block and the sales guy came with us. :persevere:
Guess Ford have yet to understand that an EV test drive is not the same as ICE.

Anyway, in the short drive we did have it did seem pretty good and we used it in ‘untamed’ mode which is probably sport. It was almost aggressive in response to acceleration or braking. Good space, comfortable driving position and the infotainment seemed very good. Decent sized frunk and good sized boot and plenty of leg and headroom in back as well as front. Door handles (lack of them) is novel along with touch opening, but seems to work well enough. Quite a few cubby holes that all seem a useful size and location.
Seemed quiet enough but never went fast enough to see what motorway speed was like.
Delivery seems to be ad hoc at mo depending on what spec/model/colour but relatively few options, so seems if you hit the right combo, one can be had in a couple of weeks otherwise it’s likely to be months., which is somewhat different to most manufs who basically say it’s 6 to 12 months.

May well go back for a longer test drive as at least that was offered and try and do that in succession with Hyundai Ionic 5 and Kia EV6.
One of these could be a replacement for the I-Pace, time will tell.

A few pics and it does look good in red…


They’re a stunning drive and not too bad to look at either. A friend of mine has the 2WD version with extended range. He’s already complaining at the lack of features the UK models gets over the US version but I think they will be coming eventually, one is blue driving (or something like that), essentially it’s full self driving, at the moment it’ll drive and steer for him but not on what you’d consider a ‘tight’ bend on a motorway let alone town driving. Have to say the learning of his driving style is very accurate and gives a really good near exact estimate of remaining mileage as well.

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And it’s well put together too. All seemed very solid in the flesh. I watched some of Sandy Munro take aparts and there was a lot of impressive stuff for what is a ‘first’ EV.

And I just pinged the local Hyundai dealer and they should have an Ionic 5 in the next couple of days, so should get that test driven next week, just a longer wait for an EV6, but I like the look of both of them even though they are very different.

Do you just test drive cars telling the dealers you’re not interested in buying? Or do you openly say you just want to test drive for the fun of it? Always wondered how people just go and test drive cars every day of the week haha. Feel like I’ve only test driven cars I’d potentially buy.

I have always had company cars throughout my working career so frequently had to assess what I wanted and never got out of the habit. Never had a salesperson be that worried about my intentions regardless of what they asked or got told and that’s true of the high percentage of test drives that happen anyway. Most test drives do not result in a dealership sale, they are ambassadors for the brand. That’s the sales model that exists. We have bought a lot of cars over the years too, so dealerships have got the business if they have been good at their jobs. All of the test cars I’ve driven I would potentially ‘buy’.

Haven’t bothered test driving the Honda-e, Mini, Fiat 500, etc. as they don’t meet all our needs, but given the opportunity I would test drive them.

The sales guy this morning had not driven any other EV’s so I explained why he should of course.

Most dealers are very amenable to test drives asking questions… just dont take the mick :slight_smile:

The only time I have ever had a none interested sales person was last week at Hyundai Sheffield (StoneAcre), as when he asked me question and i said a couple of months, he went into a cant be bothered mode, and that put me off. I could have been spending £50K (not that I was) on a car but he didn’t want to know

I mentioned to a family member who runs a used car dealership, and he just laughed and said he wont there long, as its about building a relationship to get the deal in…

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That’s how I see it too - even if I go to VW to test a drive an ID.3, maybe take up some time of people working there etc, then ‘only’ end up getting one from Onto, I’m still ultimately a customer of VW. Some of my money is still flowing to VW, helping their bottom line, and ultimately benefiting the dealership to some degree. Obviously, if lots of VW customers started doing that, it wouldn’t be sustainable for the dealer, and then VW might have to look at new ways of doing things, like going into subscriptions themselves…


I still haven’t heard a peep from the dealer I did the ID.3 test drive at nearly 2 weeks ago now.

If I was going to buy one from a dealer though, I’d probably have gone out of my way to avoid buying through that dealer in particular.

After making a big hoo-ha of COVID saying that he could only book one test drive every 90 minutes, he “fit me in” at 10:30 (and had one booked at 9am and midday apparently). I got there at 10:25 and stood waiting being told that the he’d be back soon, looking at a showroom which was basically a construction site. 40 minutes later the worried lady behind reception came and asked if I was still waiting, went and got the guy’s manager and had me in a car 5 minutes later. The guy was friendly enough but it was a very underwhelming experience.

Thankfully he didn’t try any form of hard sell at the end of it and pretty much had me on my way!


Dealers can be totally pants for sure. I said in another thread about popping into a VW dealership for a back to back test drive ID.3 & 4 and they basically sat on their rears, so we eventually walked out. Sorted it online and another dealer followed up and sorted it pronto.

The trouble as I said above they are ambassadors for the ‘brand’ and you are always ‘selling’.
It can be a thankless task for sure, but so are many jobs in life.
The attitude you get from dealers can put you off the car (brand) you actually want and that does happen. I suspect far more than we all realise.

We are all ‘selling’ to one another whether we realise it or not.
I am a retired Customer Support Manager/Director and worked in ‘sales’ even though I did not have a title that said that. At trade shows and the like you spend many days on your feet speaking to absolutely everyone that you can and are pleasant and responsive all day. (The same applies all the time of course.) A small percentage of that effort pays off in the short and long term, but often it’s nearly always long term. Sales and Service is a closed loop and as a team you work together to meet the needs of customers and much of that is customers evaluating what solutions you have to customers problems.

And some dealers are on the ball.
I originally put a deposit down on the Kia e-Niro years ago, when it was announced with the intention of outright purchase and in the end didn’t complete as I was disappointed it didn’t have all the features we wanted. That dealer kept in contact, I later test drove the e-Niro and later on the Soul. And not surprisingly they contacted me about the EV6 which is why we went to the launch event. Kia are still very much in the running because of these ambassadors.

Interesting :face_with_monocle: how threads evolve and love the diverse nature on forums too.