Multiple model regular swap scheme

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I’m new to the forum and 100% going electric next and have been looking around to see if anywhere offers sensible extended tests for several different EV’s without much luck as a 1HR test drive is not going to cut it. I see that ONTO do have options to swap monthly vehicles but I wondered if i had a list of 4 or even 6 cars that we wanted to try for a month at a time could we sign up and average out the price over the agreed period and swap car as between the list over the timescale?
Is that an option, should it be or do we have to try to change vehicles each month on our own and take a chance with availability?

Thanks for any thoughts or guidance.

Availability changes all the time and there’s nothing you can really do. However you can queue one swap in advance. So as soon as you get your first car you can book your swap a full month in advance.

The prices aren’t negotiable nor can you do a sort of payment plan, as you seem to be suggesting.

As for test drives, for shorter term stuff there’s also car clubs you could try out.


Thanks for the reply, I had thought this may be the case, I guess we may need to look further into things elsewhere and down the car club route which I had not considered yet!


I’ve just recently ended my 1st hire agreement in order to save up over the winter to start up again in the spring. I’ve just checked out the current availability and there isn’t much going in my area at the moment. Just hoping things change by March otherwise I fear I’m in for a long wait to get my next EV. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last couple of weeks in the Zoe so really looking forward to resuming my journey soon.


@Darren_F If you find a reasonable dealer, state that you’re a serious buyer, and make the case that you need more than 1 hour to know if you (and the family) can live with the car, then it’s possible to get a much longer test drive (I’ve had up to 48 hours) from different dealers in recent years, even for EVs that have only just launched.


March is an eternity away in terms of what is happening at present. Just check in on the forums and ONTO website every once in a while and more so when you get closer to your planned return.
The industry expects better flow of the manufacturing supply and process, so availability should be much better in Q1 and Q2 next year. It still won’t be back to pre-pandemic levels but Xmas crazy season always knocks things for six.


@Darren_F Welcome to the Onto community :slight_smile:

As mentioned in other posts above, you’re able to queue up one swap, but we don’t offer the ability to line up multiple swaps at the moment - although we’re always open to new ideas for the future.

If there’s anything we can help with, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Team on Live Chat, [email protected] or 0800 030 6840.

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Thanks to everyone for all the feedback, very constructive.

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