Mr HubNut Get’s a FIAT e500 for a Month!


Charged at a Tesco Pod Point in Aberystwyth! Didn’t say whether they’d paid for it themselves or will get re-inbursed. Wales is a bit of a charging desert when it comes to rapids. It’ll be interesting to see if they try and stick to included charge points which will give a much more realistic idea of using ONTO in mid Wales.


Loving the comments under the video…

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And another one. Apparently around 12 YouTubers have been given one to try for a month.


Mr EV has one as does Auto Social…

No problem with OntO doing it, but they should all be announcing and making sure they are clear its and AD and paid for by OntO…

He does (sort of) in the video description…

Check out ONTO: I’ve been wanting to get my hands on an electric car for a while now, but more importantly, test one out for an extended period of time. Thanks to ONTO, i’ll be using this Fiat 500e as my daily over the next month.

If you click his link it seems he gets a referral from it