Most popular car on ONTO

Hey ONTO community!

I was wondering, does anybody know what’s the most popular vehicle that gets subscribed at ONTO?

Not sure if this something ONTO share but thought would be cool to know :slight_smile:

My guess it’s the Zoe?

I Think they definitely have more Zoes than anything else, considering they ordered 1100 ZE50’s plus however many ZE40’s remain in the fleet. But in terms of demand the Tesla Model 3 and BMW i3 are the two that people are always excited to finally be able to make a booking for. Far more demand than availability.

Recently though, the Hyundai Ioniq and Peugeot e-208 have been getting booked out super fast and are booked as soon as they become available at the moment… So I guess it depends what way you want to judge the popularity.

Good point, I guess you could say Model 3 and i3 are most desirable? But the ones that people subscribe to the most is Zoe, e208 and IONIQ.

I wanted to get an i3 myself, but afaik it’s lack of CarPlay is a deal breaker for me :frowning:

With BMW’s lack of touchscreen I am not sure how useful something like CarPlay would actually be anyways, even if you did have an i3 that was equipped with it. I’ve never really had the desire to connect my phone to it, and instead simply mount my phone on the windscreen with it connected via bluetooth for sound.

If that’s the car you really want I’m not sure I would let a bit of software be a deal breaker.

Having had an e208 (with CarPlay as sole navy) and an i3 with BMW built in nav, I think I prefer the latter. The voice recognition was remarkably good and the routing was EV specific if you wanted it. The physical controls are easy to get used to v touchscreen if you want a backup.

I’ve had the Zoe, e208 and the Kona, and for me the latter is the hands down winner when it comes to infotainment system and satnav. Everything just works completely and intuitively with the Hyundai system whereas the Renault and Peugeot were both, to some extent, incomplete and buggy.

I’ve, so far, had an i3 and Kona, and for me the i3 is better than the Kona mainly because using the iDrive wheel controller is just much better on the move than using a touchscreen - particularly in the Kona where I find it to be quite a stretch to reach parts of the screen.

The sat nav display and routing was also generally better in the i3. It didn’t have CarPlay, which was a downside, but to be honest I sometimes wonder about how much I like using CarPlay vs just responsibly using a securely mounted phone.

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